Part time fans . . . Me laughing . . . Faith.

Consider this me laughing at everybody who left the game while there were three minutes left. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Durant throws an INT and BC gets a TD many fans get up and start walking out.
The familiar chant of "Part Time Fan, Part Time Fan, Part Time Fan!"
Once the riders started on offense again, I was watching the fans double back on the streets from my seat. Some of them were running back and watching the big screen. Hilarious part time fans.

DD threw that pick at the perfect moment.
The Rider game plan doesn't change.
Before the pick the Riders were down by one. They needed to score; a field goal is no good, BC could still win.
Riders needed a TD & 2 pt convert b4 the BC INT for TD, and after that happened, the Riders still needed TD & 2 Pt convert.
It was the perfect time to throw a pick because the game plan didn't change. I bet the coaches told something like that to DD.

Anyways, loved the game. Highs and lows, like always, but the outcome was exactly what I knew we would do.

ya real fans would have stayed till the end! :00 on the clock!

funny you mention that because after the play and BC scored i though for a second oh great game over then i thought oh yeah a TD and a 2 point is possible there was still lots of time left, i think the people leaving were going for beers knowing OT was coming :wink:

Everybody knows they stop selling beers in at the end of the 3rd quarter. :smiley:
The streets were filled and and then they started doubling back. :rockin:

maybe they where scared they where gonna miss the start of brooks and dunn lol
I agree I have never left my seat to the end score or weather and have been a STH for 20 plus years so I have been to my fairshare of good bad and ugly but folks never sell our guys short plus do you realize the impact the 13th man can make
I have an old rider t shirt that says come early stay long and cheer loud so thats exactly what I do
GO RIDERS GO HARD !!! :smiley: