Part of my childhood has passed today...

While going to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats games with both my parents and grandparents will always remain one of the happiest memories of my childhood, watching re-runs of a fantastic TV show with an amazing Starship and her even more amazing Crew filled in the times when football was not being played.

Today, the great Leonard Nimoy passed away at the age of 83. I think we all remember him as the actor who was known for playing the iconic Mr. Spock; first the second-in-command of the Starship Enterprise NCC-1701, and then Ambassador for the United Federation of Planets. Perhaps one of THE most enigmatic roles in Science Fiction history.

Mr Nimoy did, indeed, Live Long and Prosper. May his family enjoy Peace, and Long Life.

Not football related, but:

a) it is off-season.
b) I watched every episode when they first aired including the Halloween night one in 1966 where the silicon nodules on a mining planet were actually eggs of the silicon monster that Spock communicated with thru a mind meld. This was the first one I ever saw and it was probably the first TV show I ever saw in colour (on my friend's new TV).
c) my wife sent me an email earlier today that she was devastated. "My life is ruined...".

Truly the end of an era. As I get older this sort of thing happens more and more. The only good news is that it hasn't happened to me yet...


Found out this morning watching one of the american morning breakfast shows that Leonard Nimoy directed the movie, Three men and a baby, which turned into a giant hit and even spawned a sequel.

I hear that Shatner won't attend the funeral, I never did like Capt Jerk.
The best Star Trek captain by far was Patrick Stewart as Capt Picard !!

Unless you have a very overwhelming compelling reason you always make time to attend a friend's funeral.

Not knowing the circumstances, I will not be as quick as you to pass judgment. He very well might be Captain Jerk, but until the dust settles I will not form an opinion.

LOL, ....I wonder if you knew the reason why he couldn't attend before you wrote this?
It was because he had already confirmed his attendance for a charity event to help raise money........

I'd suggest getting ALL the facts before making a judgement.


Whether he could or could not have skipped the function is not the point.
It's MY opinion that he's a jerk, I've heard so many stories about the arrogance of Shatner and he's hard to work with.

I think he's a bad actor and I prefer Patrick Stewart. But that's just my opinion.