Time For the Ticats

Not to Squander What They Have Learned

November 2 2007 Steve Milton

The Hamilton Spectator

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Another Great Story by Steve Milton

Desjardins may have 'created a modern football hierarchy
in which all roles and responsibilities were clearly defined'

and helped build a modern video data base of players,

but in order for this to pay dividends next year

Marcel must find a way to reel in his ego

and respect the tons of CFL experience on his staff,
Craig Smith and the two men hired after Marcel was,

Mike Mc Carthy and Dan Rambo who Scott
Mitchell saw reason to hire in mid-season.

He must defer to their recommendations
more than he appears to have done this year,

otherwise, Marcel will mess up
what these guys can provide.

Steve also says...

'There were times this year when Desjardins should have
stepped in to assert himself with the coaching staff,

when he saw certain developments he didn't like.'

What does Steve mean by this?

Telling the coaches to bench selfish players?

Steve is being too kind to Charlie and his coaching staff. If Charlie is a "good coach" I think he could have done a lot better than 2-12. Heck...4 wins would have been much better.Also the discipline problems eg penalties. And what about the rumblings from some of the players about the practices being a waste of time because the players don't know what they are supposed to accomplish?
Steve calls it "unfair" that the assistants may be gone. Sorry Steve but that seems very fair to me, given the lacklustre offence and questionable defence. Think back to the Zeke ream-out of O'Neil on the sideline.
I would agree with Steve's conclusions about keeping Marcel and Charlie next season even though it may backfire. Will it be enough for the fans who had more than enough this year and won't be back unless big changes are made?
Steve seems worried that Scott Mitchell will step over the lines by not getting involved with the GM and Coach when needed. I think thats exactly what Scott Mitchell may need to do. Half empty stands count for a lot more than bureaucratic boundaries.
This series by Steve is terrific stuff and now is certainly is the right time to be printing it. Good for the Spec.

better than 2-12. Heck...4 wins would have been much better

Twice as good, in fact.*

*Unless you're the statistician type. In which case 4 wins out of 18 is a .111 winning percentage -- or 1/9th -- better.

Steve Milton is, without a doubt, the cream of the crop in sports reporting.

His articles are always insightful, articulate and poignant.

Once again, my hat is off to him.

I believe Dan Rambo was hired on recommendation of Marcel as part of the restructuring in order to take care of personnel. His hiring was to compliment the GM and not to replace him. That's what was said anyways at the press conference.