i don't know if i just missed it, but it would have been nice if it said somewhere that you needed a ticket to park for free at training camp. the attendant asked me if i was a season ticket holder (which I am), but why would i be carrying a game ticket around with me?

i ended up wasting 10-15 minutes driving back out to dalewood to park and then walking to the field.
on top of that when i parked i saw the sign that said one hour parking, and there were plenty of cars parked on both sides of the road. so i didn't notice the other sign that said no parking on that side after the 16th of the month. so i end up with a $20 ticket.

freakin' brilliant.

You did miss it, it was said in a thread titled (oddly enough) training camp parking and was the same last year.

It's not exactly the Cats fault if you missed a no parking sign.

Still Having to Carry A Ticket is Pain
What if you lose it..
also not everyone is Season Ticket Holder
I have Flex Pack.

The Cats should have Made a Parking pass
for Training Camp
Attached to the to inside of the Car

No Problems..

well yeah, i wasn't blaming them for that.

and i just went back and found that thread. it doesn't exactly say you need a ticket, and it's not an official team statement. and i don't remember what the policy was last year.

Thats a good idea. I havent see my tickets yet but ive heard they came with a lot of other junk or ssomthin so it shouldnt be to hard to put in a lil ticket that says free traning camp parking.

Alrighty then Sherlock, it's the teams fault that you can't remember last year.
It's their fault the thread doesn't spell it out for you and it's their fault they didn't release an "official" statement.

Had you even read the thread (or looked) you probably would have taken a ticket, but you didn't. So because you either didn't have five bucks or chose not to pay and were so "freakin brilliant" that you missed a no parking sign you decide to unload on the team.

Did you really believe for a second that parking at a University was free?

i know it's not generally free to park there. i went to school there.
but i also know i saw something (it might have been on the old site) about parking for training camp being free. i just never saw any mention that you needed a game ticket to make it free.
i've tried to find it on this site but can't. all i said was a little better communication would have been nice. it should say it somewhere on the site.

or maybe i just had it coming for picking this as a username.

You do need to show a season ticket
to the person at the kiosk every day.

The pass is good all day.

If you go to TC in the AM
keep you pass on the dash

so that you won't need to stop
at the kiosk in the PM.

If you are thinking of slipping past
the the kiosk and not paying at all,

beware of the parking police on bicycles
who check parked cars for valid passes.

I, for one, am grateful that
the team pays for my parking.