Parking should be Free if your a Season Ticket Holder!


You get a ticket at a reduced price. You get the same seat reserved every game. THAT'S WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

You don't deserve anything else.

YOU give something for free as did the towel donor.

What selfish greed!

This is the most ridiculosu thread I have seen on this website in a long time. Whether its a sugeestion or not its crazy that you bring this up!
Its like asking MLSE to give free parking or a case of beer to sit through each game they play because you're getting nothing with the price of any tickets you purchase from them..Just crazy!
If you want free parking, expect yours and everyone elses season tickets to sky rocket in price and then thats the next thing you'll be on these forums complaining about..

We should organize a Season Ticket Holders association where we can negotiate with Bob collectively to ensure our rights.

Park your car at Former Center Mall and Catch the bus up to the stadium..
It Free Game day

Why stop at free parking?? Why not a personal servant for each season ticket holder? Someone to grab you food and drink.. maybe even a shoe shine!

Season tickets entitle you to the same seat all season and the chance to buy the seat for playoff games or the next season. Thats it. The team promises nothing else so expecting anything else is just setting yourself up for a disappointment.

I just had a great idea!

Since parking is always such a hot topic on these forums why not have a whole parking section? That way the sane ones know where to stay away from.

I elect Bruce13thMan and OnKnight to lead us into battle with Bob!!!

We may not agree with Bruce13man but he is entitled to his opinion. To insult him with comments like stupid and ignorant is only a reflection of those individuals. If you don't agree provide a constructive reason why.


Don't purchase a parking pass, pay 20.00

Hey, I bought a minivan. Chrysler owes me. I did them a favour. They should buy me new tires and pay for my gas.


I can't beleive this thread still exists.... CK if Chrysler is giving out free tires and gas.. I want in... I drive a has a huge trunk... lots of tire room!!!


freebees and gimmick give aways are for teams that can't supply a good, sellable product.

The 2009 Ticats were a good and at times very good product, and show every indication that they will be so in 2010. They don't need to give things away. Todays CFL owner makes his money on Tickets, food and beer and yes...parking.

Caretaker has taken enough financial kicks in the groin in the past few years. Maybe it's time for Bob to nake a bit of money now?

:thup: :thup: :thup:

I think Mr Young has more money then all of us put together! This all started out with what was my opinon! If you dont agree thats cool! I still think they should at least hand out a t-shirt or a ti-cat mini football to the first 10 thousand fans at least twice in a season! For those ready to say that would put ticket prices up, im sure they would get some of it back in Taxes!

There is in house give aways in the stadium during the games and I have as yet to get a mini football or what have you that comes towards my way. :cowboy:

WHAT???? :roll:

Since when does a team owner make money from taxes? Stick to football threads and let the owner worry about his investments. So far Bob has demonstrated that he knows how to make money and thank G'Awd we have him for an owner. :thup:

As for parking...I'm content with Scott Park or if I'm early enough I grab one on the street by Scott Park. Failing that, anybody's yard is OK for me and I'm happy they can make a few bucks from the parking. IT'S NO BIG DEAL!

Maybe we should take up a collection and buy Bruce13thMan a mini-football so he'll quit his incessant whinning.

ONLY if you sign it Ockham! :rockin: