Parking should be Free if your a Season Ticket Holder!

Just recieved a email to tell me to hurry and PURCHASE my 2010 parking pass at a low price of $13.50 a game. This to me is a joke. I park on Gage St for FREE and walk 10min to the stadium. Charging $13.50 a game when i have already paid $400 for season tickets is wrong! That would be $135 more just for parking! Give back to the fans that support the Cats!

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I hear what you're sayin about season seat holders; I walk 20 to 25 min. to Commonwealth to watch a game after parking my car. To tell you the truth, I enjoy the walk thru the Edmonton neighbourhood.

Lets not start up the "entitlement" debate again. I pay $1,400 a year for my two season tickets and feel that I have no more of a right to "free" stadium parking than the person who comes to one game a year. All I pay for is my two seats and that is all I expect to receive. If you want stadium parking pay for it. Otherwise we all end up subsidizing it. Also, since there is less spots than there is season ticket holders how do you allocate them other then if people actually pay for the spots. Is my entitlement to a spot greater than yours because my tickets cost more. If all of the platinum season ticket holders got a free spot there would not be any left for anyone else. Could you imagine the complaints then?

If parking were included with in the season ticket prices, then season ticket prices would be higher for everyone, even those of us who don't need or want parking. I'm grateful that the TiCats don't make me subsidize the cost of other people's parking, thus making the tickets more affordable to me.

I usually park and have a couple of drinks before the game at the Dizzy Weasel. I just wish they had decent live music after the game.

You nailed it Pi. Why would anyone want to pay for parking if they don't drive to the games.

8) Are you serious, or just joking ??? You expect the Cats to give you free parking just because you paid $400 for season
 tickets ??   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->   Next, you'll be wanting free food and beer supplied to you at the games !!!

 Why does it bother you anyway, since you just park on Gage Ave. and walk over.

 They are not twisting your arm and demanding that you have to take the parking.  That is up to each individual to make

  that choice.

  By the way, if you click on the attachment in that e-mail, you will see that $135 is the lowest price for reserved

  parking.  Not the highest !!!!

  By the way, what other Professional Sports Franchises give free parking to their season ticket holders ???
  Can you name one ????

This is a free country and im intilted to my complaint! It called a insentive to get season tickets! :rockin:

GerryA22; I like your writeup. :thup:

Thanks for the kudos ABgoldenbears. It is greatly appreciated. :smiley:

People responded to your arguments. It would be interesting to hear you address theirs rather than just reiterating yours.
How do you respond to Gerry and Tipper?

8) Ahhhh, those two sentences explain it all perfectly !!! :lol: :roll:

well then im entitled to tell you what a stupid post this is.

8) I wouldn't hold our breath Mark, waiting for a sensible response there. :wink: :wink: :lol:

Now that's a great idea! Why has it taken so long for someone to suggest it? Bob should be giving us all a free lunch, and beers, maybe shots even. Cigars too? Of course a cab ride home so as to not drink and drive, and then cab ride back to IWS to pick up our cars in the FREE PARKING LOT!

Free...what a concept.

Give me a break. Do what most fans or seasons tickets hold do - park 20 minutes away and WALK.

I either get dropped off near the stadium, or walk there (aprox. 20 mins.) either way works for me, it takes alot to keep me from a Ticat game.

I would like them to throw in a swedish massage and aromatherapy treatment with my season's tickets.

Wa wa wa. Call the wambulance!

Everybody owes me cuz I bought a ticket. Give me a break.

You people seriously have to relax, it was a sugustion! Get a life people! They give us nothing for being a season ticket holder, oh i forgot i got a free hotdog and a pop, SORRY and a invite to the locker sale where they had NOTHING i couldnt buy a the Roar store!! They give nothing away at the gates except a cheap bag of rotton candy at Halloween! EVERY other sport event i have been to they hand out something. They even needed someone to donate the towels at the playoff game, and the reason i park on Gage is because of the price in parking. MMMM lets see free parking on a side street vs paying $10 in a private driveway where they block you in or $13.50 for ti-cat parking where you sit for 20min trying to get out! Im sure someone wll say, "They give you a program" news people thats not a program its a flyer!
On that note ill always be a Ti-Cat fan!!
GO CATS GO!!! :rockin: