Parking Question

Coming from out of town, what's the best place to leave the car and grab a cab or shuttle to the game ?

[url=] ... -lansdowne[/url]

Just follow that link. IF you plan on parking in one of the shuttle lots, Carleton U and Canada Post are your best and fastest bets. Also there is the RA Centre and Vincent Massey Park.

At Carleton, if it comes to that, I'd specifically recommend parking #5 right next to the Ravens football field. The others are smaller, under (or near) construction (at least they were two weeks ago). 5 is the largest and easiest one to maneuver in.

:thup: Much appreciated.

It's FREE ! Wow

Als charge 23.00

It took me less time by bus for free than I could of by car.

Have you heard, though? Some Glebonoids are not happy about the number of buses on their streets so they deliberately caused delays by walking in front of them. They are demanding that the city find another route by the August 15th game. :roll:

Worse yet, some drivers have reported that someone on that street was shining a flashlight in their eyes as they were driving to slow them down further. That takes some smarts, right there.

Gad, how I hate that friggin' neighborhood... :x

That is just ridiculous. They are protesting about buses on their street maybe one hour before and one hour after the game on NINE football nights??????? They have plenty of warning when there are games, if they don't like it stay off the street when the games are scheduled.

That would nice if they blinded a driver and he ran off that road and hit some kid playing on his lawn. I hope they find out who and have him/her/them charged. :x

Now, I can understand not wanting the busses driving up and down your street for 3 hours before and after the games but you are right --- it is ONLY 9 home games for the RedBlacks. Not sure how many home games the Fury will play, but even so, it helps the city and they knew it was coming for years!!! Not to mention they knew Lansdowne was there when they bought their homes in the first place. :roll:

And of course, it prevents the other thing they didn’t want; people PARKING on the street. Say they identify the problem, then complain about the solution instead.

There are 19 homes on the street. They want to send the busses down streets that have about 250 homes combined, while making the option less appealing to people getting to the stadium. They are their own worst enemy and never take the time to notice that.

I saw that, they were videotaping evidence with their phones and digital cameras. Solid bunch of losers you got there. Most people on the bus were amused by them and some of us took pictures back of them :lol:

Another concern....What happens When a fan is shuttled there and in mid game they are called home for a family emergency??....r they stuck...because this sb addressed....

Another concern....What happens When a fan is shuttled there and in mid game they are called home for a family emergency??....r they stuck...because this sb addressed....

????? are you serious? if it's a family emergency you would call a taxi! or have a family member pick you up!

It seems the glebe has won a small battle :roll:
The busses coming form Canada Post and Vincent Massey will now be taking another route to TD Place
I have no idea yet what the new route will be but I doubt it will be much difference

Slim jim just a question...wasnt award they would allow cars in the vicinity...u make it sound like im heartless...i understand cars for under ground parking but i dont live there

You're not supposed to park there for extended amounts of time (on hour limit, I believe) but cars are allowed. So in your situation, having a family member pick you up sounds feasible.

I mean, there's only so much OSEG can do. What if you were on a train? Sometimes, you're just stuck in a bad position at a bad time. They (OSEG) did advertise a sort of official sounding cab company so maybe they're around well before the end of the game too.

It is 1hr as of now.

Until this year it was ALWAYS 3hrs and really, unless some resident was being anal, no one really checked. I was never ticketed once in the 20+ years I have driven to Lansdowne Park.

However now, IMO the city is really pushing this transit thing going so far as to say that it is illegal (ie against city by-law) to sell your parking spot to someone else).

Firstly, you're not selling it, you're renting it. Secondly, it's no one's business if if/when/how much I should rent my parking space. The only defence I can see the city coming up with is that from a liability standpoint in case a car gets damaged, someone gets injured etc. But then again, how many stories dating back to the 1970s have you all heard of where there was a lawsuit or equivalent stemming from someone parking their vehicle in someone else's driveway/lawn, for football??

And even if that did happen, that would be for the parties involved to iron out. If I lend you my car and you get into a wreck, the city has no justification to make it illegal for people to lend their cars. :expressionless:

As I recall, the issue was that some Glebe residents were renting out their driveway and front lawn, packing in as many cars as possiblewhich was not only unattractive but problematic if someone was parked legally in front of the lawn when the fan returned after the game.

Right, that I recall. But I believe they recently said you can't rent your actual parking space. the front lawn thing, as far as I know (which might not be far) has been in play for years.