Parking Options?

Well every year I get a option package in the mail, nothing this year after dropping 2 grand on 4 golds what Lousy service is that ! Scott park Lot J ? What is the story on that lot? What options do I have as a season ticket holder ? Going to call 547-cats and give my sales rep a piece of my mind that parking is not a priority for season seat holders .

Ti-Cats posted this on their website a few weeks ago.
Through partnerships with the City of Hamilton, ArcelorMittal Dofasco, local school boards and other third-parties, the Ticats will facilitate the use of over 4,000 parking spots within a 12-minute walk of Tim Hortons Field – over five times the amount of spots the team controlled in 2012. A comprehensive parking guide will be located on to help fans find a variety of parking opportunities on gamedays. Pre-reserved parking spaces will be available for season seat holders to purchase in mid-May.

As long as I get there early enough I'm sure my favorite spot will still be that 10 minute walk away.

Oh yeah. My favorite spot is any spot that I don't pay for. :smiley:

Frontlawns. Whether the homeowners know it or not.

An Argo-Cat fan

Talked to Ticats HQ ,told to wait and see options coming up next two weeks for parking Scott Park Lot J Tailagte parking could be a go!!!