Parking Lot J is closed for good!!

Just got an email today stating that Lot J is now officially closed for good due to construction on a seniors centre and/or school!! The 2 other options are Lot E which is on Chapple Street or Lot F which is on Lincoln street, which will have the best tailgating experience now that we have to move??? Your thoughts on this???

I thought that lot should have let open for parking after the school was torn down. Its a perfect location for tailgating being in veiw of the stadium.

As usual, Hamilton planners are short sited. Parking around THF is limited. Here is a way to increase the parking, but they chose to build a school on property they sold off several years ago that had a school on it but they closed because of reduced enrollment, only to expropriate it back, tare down the school, only to build another school.

And they wonder why its hard to attract business to the city.

Also it's kind of sad that Toronto will now be better set up for tailgating while Hamilton's is shrinking.

There's no point in having a huge parking lot, on a busy street, when it's only going to be in use 9 days a year. There's lots of parking around THF if you want to tailgate.

Agree with you…tons of street parking and other small lots only 5 - 6 blocks away. Hamilton needed a new modern school in that area. Not parking.

There's also no point in having grandstands to seat 24,000 people in the middle of a residential neighbourhood, when they're only going to be filled 9 days a year. (or if we throw in a preseason game, a playoff game, and a Grey Cup, 12 days a year). (or if they manage to book one big concert every year, 13 days).

A fenced-in artificial sports surface with modest stands and dressing rooms could have been rebuilt on that site for a tiny fraction of THF's cost, and would have served the needs of community recreation just as well as THF. Truthfully, multiple community-use fields could have been fit into the same footprint.

The rationale for increasing parking capacity around THF is no more tenuous than the rationale for building THF itself.

Yes, parking questions are only about the Ticats, but if we're honest, the stadium itself is only about the Ticats.

I actually agree with that, and don't think the stadium should have been built where it is :stuck_out_tongue: But, we can't fix that now.

This is a huge blow to the game day experience for thousands of people.

You mean HUNDREDS ..maybe ... it's one field

Most will just do other things instead of saying "Oh how my day was ruined because i had to stand around another parking lot instead of that one"

Last time at THF I parked at the Chappell lot, tried to get into that huge parking area just north of Chappel on the site of the old factory, but you can only park there if you bought a parking ticket in advance you can't just drive up and pay $10 or $20 when you enter :? :?
The Chappel lot was full and not very big, there were a few people tailgating there, I can't see how they could get any more tailgaters in there.

When the THF deal was being debated I thought the Caretaker was adamant the city have adequate parking around the stadium including this one . If you have a legacy tenant especially the only legacy tenant why would the city not make sure this field was included with any stadium deal .

The lot at Scott Park wasn't THAT big. People will still find places to park.

You say the silliest things you do know the Stadium is used more than for football right? about time they closed Lot J

Not silly at all. If 24,000 seats are justified, then commensurate parking is also justified. If a large percentage of those 24,000 seats are not filled on a regular basis, it means the stadium shouldn't be there. The field is used for more than Ticat games. The stands, overwhelmingly, are not.

I like going to Ticat games, but if someone asked me how I can justify the community resources that have been allocated for THF relative to the utilization, there is no case to be made, apart from the fact that it satisfies my superficial desire to watch CFL football. I don't eat foie gras, but it's conceptually a similar problem: "sure, they had to torture a goose to make this, but it's so tasty!"

The theoretical "greater good" economic benefit would be periodic boosts to the city economy from hosting Grey Cup games, but proximity to Toronto and the unfolding of the 1996 Grey Cup suggest there's no reason to be optimistic about that benefit. Once Hamilton has hosted its next Grey Cup, we'll find out whether there is any meaningful benefit to the local economy.

How did parking lot J being closed get to a discussion on the justification of the stadium and where it is located?

It's done, built, been used.....all this over a stupid parking lot? Give your heads a shake!

Eat and drink at home or at a restaurant. It's not gonna ruin your game day unless to let it.

Can't wait until the season starts a we get to whine about the on field product :rockin:

I agree Lenny.
Training camp starts in 2 days, our top 3 draft picks got signed today and people are freaking about a parking lot. :?

The point is that it's silly to spend millions on a stadium and not make sure there are adequate provisions for parking, whether it's at the old Scott Park site, or elsewhere. If we're going to have a white elephant, let's at least have one with four legs instead of three.

We had the best tailgate in the league and was a game day tradition for some of the best fans the team has. My kids looked forward to it and it was a great way for old friends to meet up and have a beer before the game. To suggest small groups parked on side streets could replace it is ridiculous.

There's tons of parking lots. The issue I found in Lot J, and one that will extend to other lots, is that most of the people there aren't there for tailgating. The Cats have chosen to sell season parking passes, which mostly seem to be purchased by people who show up ~45 mins before game time.

If the Ticats want people to tailgate, all lots should be first come first serve, with no season long passes available. That way all the displaced tailgaters from Lot J would be able to park in the other large lots. However, I don't see that happening.

That's not true. There are hundreds of us hours before game time setting up tarps and bar-b-ques and socializing. It got better with each game and cameras and news crews were even covering it. It won't be easily replaced by going elsewhere.

I've tailgated there before. The spots around the outside edge of the lot filled up with people tailgating. A huge, huge portion of the lot sat empty till about an hour before game time. The place was no where near filled with tailgaters.