Parking lot. 3pm. No weapons. Power rankin’ time.

I don’t know why, but these debates are my favourite. They can get pretty intense.
Hamilton should Be above calgary maybe…other than that it’s pretty fair.

  1. Winnipeg
  2. Hamilton
  3. Edmonton -are six and two without playingCalgary and Winnipeg.
  4. Calgary
  5. Regina
  6. Montreal
  7. Toronto
  8. Ottawa
  9. B.C.

Edmonton and Saskatchewan are interchangeable with Sask slightly ahead. Hamilton ought to be ahead of Calgary.

I agree with Uncle Bob, and add Calgary to the mix of Edmonton and Regina. Winnipeg and Hamilton are distinctly ahead. Montreal is on an island. Toronto may be showing signs of a resurgence, and Ottawa and B.C. are ugly.

Edmonton just lost to Calgary twice, how are they ahead of them in your power rankings?

  1. Hamilton
  2. Winnipeg
  3. Calgary
  4. Sask
  5. Montreal
  6. Edmonton
  7. Toronto
  8. Ottawa
  9. BC

Oh come on! With all the records my Lions are set to break this year #9 is the best you can rate them.

…how about 9b

Edmonton is too high up there for my taste.

Going on the “power” in power rankings, i.e. rating the strength of the team on the ground right now, I’d say:


That’s right, I put BC above Ottawa. I think they are due for a win. They’ve lost so many games by 5 points or less.

Week of September 9

5B. Edmonton
7. Toronto
8. Ottawa
9. BC

Just curious…
For what do you want weapons if you are sitting in a parking lot at 3 pm? ???

You don’t. Not in a fair debate.

It’s due to a particular quirk in the way I evaluate teams that Edmonton is ranked third in my book. That is, this year, the Edmonton usually does what is expected when playing at home. If favourites at home, Edmonton wins. If underdogs at home, Edmonton loses. I give points if a team is that predictable.

So, if a team is expected to lose all of its games, and does exactly that, you move them UP the power rankings?

…logic and quirky are mutually exclusive…

Not necessarily, Red and White; as far as logic goes, I have my reasons. I’m not dealing a line to readers of CFL.CA. It’s the way that I reckon it and it’s entirely objective - based exclusively on numbers.

But within my own little world I do endeavor to pick winners. Because I have found Edmonton games easy to call this year, I give the team a little bonus in my ranking. It reminds me to take a second look.

It’s definitely an original way to handicap, but we can test it in coming Edmonton home games.

For what it’s worth, the difference between Edmonton at third place in my rankings, and Regina at fifth with Calgary in between at fourth, is minimal.

If everyone does it the same way, what’s the point of even talking about it?

So, I’m a little defensive, but I still believe that my assessments are good and accurate.

But your “logic? gives a team credit for being predictable, not being “powerful? in power rankings.

So again I ask, if a team is predicted to lose all of its games and does exactly that, do you move them UP the power rankings?