Parking info released

Just got an email detailing all the parking info. I could of sworn (could be wrong) that when I purchased 3 club level seats at $1,300 each I was told that the included parking would be if not on the actual property then across the street. This was huge for me because my father has a hard time walking due to an industrial accident years ago. Now Im under the understanding that my actual parking spot is an approx 15 minute walk from the stadium? I was just wondering if anyone from the area has any insight on how far the walk actually is from parking lot C...somewhere on lincoln street? I was given the option of accessible parking but was told it would be an additional $180 so I want to see if the walk is really all that bad? Keep in mind half the time my old man uses a cane.

All that being said, this wont stop be from being excited for the up coming season...the team has always been accommodating and I'll always bleed black and gold! Oskee wee wee

Cooler, when my grandmother and I went to games, I dropped her off at the gate so she could enter and sit down. I then parked the car and met her just inside. If you do the same with your dad, I’m sure he could repay you with a frosty beverage or 2… :wink:

lol thanks, yeah Im pretty sure thats going to be the option I go with...Im having a hard time justifying going over $4,000 when you combine the seats and the extra parking pass. Im also thinking about down grading but seat selection probably wont be the greatest now!

Anyways, any further info would be appreciated

i"m with displaced's idea, but wait for it!

I seriously hope they're gonna have cops directing traffic out there.

Looks to me like an ugly bottleneck exiting Lot C to the south. But even once you're out of the lot, everybody has to turn onto Barton. In my experience, it seems that after games traffic on Barton likes stop within intersections so people don't have to take their nose off the bumper in front of them. And God help us all if anybody wants to turn east onto Barton from Lincoln.

Purchased Lot J parking 180.00 Long live the tailgate!!! Happy Scott park is a go this year BBQ ready :rockin: beer ice cold :thup:

Speaking of the letter J, the Section 103 Boys doesn't quite have the same ring to it. Are they gonna be the Lot J boys now? If not, someone should suggest putting up some signage to proclaim the next box J.

8) "Cooler51", You are exactly right on remembering what you were told by your rep regarding where the parking lot for the
   Club seats would be.  I was told no more than 1 block  from the stadium.

    This Lot C on Lincoln St. is a lot longer than a 15 min. walk, especially for your father who uses a cane !!
     Someone walking at a brisk pace could probably make it in 15 min., but anyone who is older and has any physical 
      ailment, could be looking at 25 -30 min  at least !!

      Close parking, as advertised is sure not what we are getting......that's for sure !!!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

yeah, my thoughts exactly tipper...i just hope this isn't a preview of whats to come with the club seats. There were a lot of promises made and pretty pictures painted of living it up with a fantastic game day experience. Im pretty frustrated that when questioning my rep about the parking...I was told many times that this is the "Free parking" that was included. I was made to feel like it was some kind of extra throw in when in reality Im paying for the parking the same as Im paying for the food, drinks, elevator access (another big one for someone with walking problems) and access to an indoor club environment that goes along with my tickets. Still a good deal if all other areas of promise live up to the sales pitch I was given...but its not looking good so far.

I'm taking a flyer here... If anyone has a parking pass for Scott Park and is looking to make a few bucks I have an offer for you. I will buy your Scott Park season pass off you for what you paid and I will buy you a season pass in any available lot so that you still have parking. If you're interested, please DM me and we can make the arrangements.

Oskee Wee Wee!