Parking in lot J ?

Is there any way to get my truck in there?

I was in the same boat needing a pass to get in Lot J for the home opener and was successful in getting a pass from one of the conisderate and helpful users on this well had a few others offer a pass that they weren't using their pass for that game. Best option might to park on Melrose if you get their early enough. Hope that helps.

8) You would need a pre-paid parking pass to get into Lot J. The lot is sold out for the year however.
  By the way, just how big is your truck ???   Not a transport truck is it ??    <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

I understand that it is sold out for the year but last game I went to there was plenty of room for more vehicles I was a little perplexed. Less than a third of the capacity was used for a sold out game. This is an obvious revenue tool and in high demand. And my truck is my girlfriends Jeep!

Anyone on this forum have a parking pass for Lot J ??? I'd pay handsomely for one. It is THE place to tailgate, so if I cannot get in, I'll park nearby and carry our gear into the park.

I'm sure everyone would gladly turn one over to a fan of the blew team.

ooops... I forgot, my name is a give away.
I go to most of the Ticat games as well and cheer them on whenever they are not playing the Argos. That has to count for something.

Argofan it's the place to tailgate in the whole league!

Yes, I know. I do it all the time, and then on Labour Day - I have 5 others with me. I don't need the tailgate to enjoy the football, but it just adds to the festivities.