Parking at Touchdown Atlantic

If you or anyone that you know is traveling to TD Atlantic than this article is a must read!

The latest issue with TD Atlantic - Parking!!

Another black eye for an event that has largely been a disaster (And pretty much a textbook example of how NOT to run an event) from the get-go

It was always like that. All parking on University grounds is by permit only for staff and students living in residence.

Its kind of sad because on a Saturday in the summer, there might be 10 cars parked and hundreds of space empty.

We had to park a mile away by the St-Hubert or Swiss Chalet.

The league is going to show up there on Friday at lunch time and try to get free help with everyone leaving around that time for the weekend. Looks terrible on the league and Leblanc who bought the event and did squat but try to take fans to the cleaners.

Make sure you are well fed before you get to the game… Expensive beer cold at first then warm by the first quarter plenty of but that’s about it.

Last time there was a VIP section for NAPA auto in the end zone, they had catering and everything but us in the stands we had a kid walking around with a Coleman cooler every half hour.

I feel for those who travelled and paid a premium to attend this one.

No surprise here. I remember shaking my head at the last Touchdown Atlantic (2013) as shuttles were added at the last minute. The public was “encouraged to use public transportation?..until someone must have pointed out that there would likely be hundreds of people at the bus stops trying to get on one bus! ::slight_smile: