Parking at THF

I've never been to Tim Hortons Field or the old Ivor Wynne Stadium, and I'm going to my first Tigercats game on November 23. So I was wondering where's a good spot to try to park near the stadium. Also, is tailgating allowed near the stadium? Judging by what I've read, it seems like parking is at a bit of a premium in that neighborhood.

Lots of parking on lawns for $20 within a block or two. $15 a couple blocks away.

Tailgating takes place at Scott Park, but you need a pass to park there. A lot of people park nearby and hoof it over. If you get to the stadium early enough to tailgate, you shouldn't have a problem finding parking.I like the church lot on Solidarnosc Place, or just get street parking a few blocks away in the neighbourhood on the other side of King Street.

If you arrive about an hour and fifteen before the game their are many local business offering parking on King Street, or Barton Street for about $20. If you leave it later, it will be busy.
You can park and walk into Scott Park and hang out with a couple of travellers like we did last game.

There's a big lot at Barton St. and Gage Ave. that I've seen tailgating in