parking at THF, specifically being turned away by lot E

Hiya, last game we tried to park at Lot E (Chapple Street) and we were turned away, not because it was full mind you (we drove by it and there were plenty of open spots) but the person told us that we had to buy our parking passes online beforehand and wouldn't be allowed access. He was not helpful in the slightest.

I've been to all the home games at THF, this hasn't happened ever. Very confused, lend a hand willya? Because I sure as heck can't find "parking passes available online" anywhere, like the attendant said.

i'd call the office and ask the people in the know. i'm certain the answers you get there will be better than the attendant you encountered.

905-547-CATS (2287) They'll be happy to help you. :wink:

We were turned away too, and we parked there for the home opener. I pulled in and they came running over and said it was for pass holders only. It's a huge lot with plenty of empty spots.

yeah, considering the size of the space it does not seem like any way that there would be that many "prepaid parking pass spots" sold. Mite confusing.

Why do so many people seem to think a fan forum is a place to complain about a game day experience they had? Are they slow?

This is a fan forum, where fans talk football. Your complaints belong directly with the team. In fact... it would have taken far less effort to look up the number on the team website, and then contact them directly.

So not only is there a clear literacy issue on these forums, but we also have lots of people who don't even understand what a forum is for. When will ignorance stop dominating the world?

dick post

yes they should contact the team. no you don't have to crucify them for discussing the issue on the forum

its good for other posters to know the issue and perhaps they too ran into the problem so all of them can contact the cats

Yep, I agree, this a fan forum and it's a good idea to let other fans know in this forum in advance that if you are driving to the game don't try to get to Lot E, just head to the closest private lots like the one on Chappel Street.
It's also good to let fans know in this forum that you will need to get a pass in advance for Lot E

I'm not sure what your problem is. I'm looking at the parking page right now. Lot E is described as having a $15 game day pass. It says nothing about getting it online, and there is no section there to get it online...

Internet Troll?

^^ Nailed it!

I was turned away from that lot as well. Having arrived late, even after the coin toss they were still turning people away unless they had passes. I would have assumed that at a particular point in time, they would have opened it back up for any late comers. Might as well collect some cash instead of spots staying empty. Even with a bunch of no shows they would be able to double dip on the parking money.

You cant get the passes on line yet. They will however, leave them at the pick up window at THF. At least, they just did for me.

So you can't get parking passes online and you have to drive up to THF and get a pass and then drive them back? This is rather annoying, also this is the first time it's happened, like, ever I want to make sure this isn't a thing / if there is a solution in advance.

Also, as mentioned, the ONLY thing online is "15 dollar day passes" however, people are being turned away at the parking lot because .... what? Why? Why is this happening? How can it not happen again?

As for discussing the issue here, uhm, it's obviously this is the place for it because, if one can read, it's a Ticat Forum. Since it is a Ticat Forum, you ask questions. Not only about the team but about the experience at THF. The fact that you can't drive up and park at Lot E at the game - parking lot we have been using for years - I think is a pretty big issue that should be discussed to see if anyone has any solutions to the problem.

Go to the lot adjacent to lot E on Chappel st you will see a lot of tailgating there, parking $15

OMG, I remember during the stadium debate with all the whining from Bob Young about needing parking revenue. Well it seems Bob Young isn't that interested in getting parking revenue from us if he's trying to make it as difficult as possible for us... :x

According to the latest agreement, the Parking Revenue is shared 50/50 with the city.

I'm quite sure that Bob Young has nothing to do with the parking issue. It's a city matter.

He's the big muckity muck, so ultimately it is his responsibility from the football side of things. Either he's in control of game day parking, in which he should make the rules clearer on the site with appropriate links or the city's in control in which case he should make the rules clearer on the site with the appropriate links.

Or better yet, allow cash payments since there are people out there without computers, or don't have an account on CFL Forum and know what's going on.

Me, I'm just going to a non-affiliated lot where I'm sure they will have no problem accepting my money, and save myself the aggravation...

If you make it hard to pay fans will just find somewhere else to park I did and it was free .
If you made it easy to park you would have got my money.

I've very sorry to hear of the problems a few posters here have had with parking at Tim Hortons Field.

But just to set expectations properly: While we will continue to improve our parking services they are unlikely to ever be as good as we'd like them to be for a whole bunch of reasons.

These include:

  • Being a parking attendant at a Ticat game is a pretty transient job as you only get to work for several hours on about 10 different occasions during the year. This leads to lots of new parking attendants, who are still learning the job, every game.

  • The parking around the stadium has grown, and continues to change, organically over the last 85 years. So a lot that was popular last year is not available this year, only to be replaced by a new lot that few of our fans are familiar with.

  • Competition. Because of all the local entrepreneurs around the stadium there is lots of alternative parking options at a wide variety of prices. Some of these folks do a great job offering a good parking experience at a better price than we can offer, some not so much.

But before you get too grumpy with us, or the City, or the local parking entrepreneurs just consider your alternative parking experience, in particular prices, at the other other end of the QEW for Argos or Blue Jay games.

Cheers, Bob.