parking at the joyce

ok. it's my own fault i took a $30 parking ticket at the joyce today, but a whole bunch of people paid $10 for two hours of parking for the opening day of tiger-cat rookie camp, for the afternoon session only.
this is the first year that it appears there has been no provision for ticat fan parking.
i suppose the ticats (who are paying tens of thousands of dollars to mac for training camp) and mcmaster only want to see accredited media at the workouts — folks who will be able to expense-account their parking.
i won't be back tomorrow.
by the way: cassidy doneff, canadian receiver out of washburn, was the best receiver, by far ...

not another thread about training camp parking... please no!

$5.00 per hour or any part thereof is a lot of money.

It would cost us over $100 if we drop by for over an hour
to watch 12 of the 20 or so sessions of Training Camp.

We can't park on the neighbouring streets
to avoid having to pay these stiff parking fees

because only one hour parking is allowed on them.

I came to the A.M. or P.M. or both sessions of Training Camp
almost every day in past years and so have dozens of other fans,

If I have to be the squeaky wheel on this topic, so be it.

Why couldn't we be issued a parking pass for a reasonable fee?

They exist for others who have to visit campus for short periods.


I would prefer that you would remain in your zen state, zenstate,

if all you can contribute is your disapproval
of topics many of us are interested in discussing

like this one and the topic of Balsillies'
efforts to bring the NHL to Hamilton.

How about finding one of the hundreds if not thousands of neighbouring student houses on the side streets and pay them $5.00 to $10.00 a day to park in their driveway or on the front lawn. (or a 12 pack of beer a day) :wink:

Students like beer so I'm told.

They do have monthly passes in some lots that seem to be reasonable or at least will save some money if you are going often.

Has anyone ever thought of the fact that the TiCats don't run McMaster... McMaster does.

If you truly have an issue and need to voice it then you should be doing it to people that can actually do something about it.

Ever thought of taking a bus. $2.50 each way $5 for the day

or, if you can't afford the parking, maybe you shouldn't be going to camp every day.... :wink:

If students can afford it......

Careful, apparently parking is a hot button issue that gets everyone in a tizzy around here. You're not a "real fan" if you're not willing to shell out tons of money to watch camp. :roll:

I don't think it's a slam on the team or an unrealistic expectation to ask whether there is a provision for parking this year since there has been for the past couple of years. The Ticats didn't run Mac then either.

I take the bus so it's not an issue for me, but as Ron mentioned it does add up if you want to watch more than a few sessions of camp. There is very little unpaid parking in the area that wouldn't force a person to walk quite a distance to get to the stadium.

In all seriousness, a good plan might be to bring a bicycle in your vehicle, park in Westdale somewhere for free and bike it around the Mac campus and the Village of Westdale.....make a day out of it. As far as parking fees go, (if you must park inside), if there's one place I don't mind having as many revenue streams as possible, it's McMaster University. Every dollar helps in order to keep it on the international map for medical research and top notch health care......and the Children's Hospital to do everything humanly possible for our kids.

Attending training camp each and every day, although a noble "fan thing" to do, the reality is that it's still a luxury and a form of entertainment that comes with a cost. Personally, this time of year, I like to get out and visit as many local Conservation Areas as possible and gladly pay my entrance/user fee at the gates if it means it helps to keep these things available to us. McMaster parking fees are in the same category if you ask me. We all love having that University here and all the great work they do as well as being a major employer and if a small fee helps in a small way, I'm all for it.

I don't resent it one bit and truth be known, I'd just blow that money somewhere else anyhow. At least that specific cash I'd be paying for parking goes to a worthy cause instead of useless crap I'd purchase somewhere else instead. :slight_smile:

deerhunter makes some very good points..

Simply having the free time to go is a luxury in itself. Many of us have jobs and such that we must attend during camp hours.

Someone going everyday is a great thing and I really respect that kind of loyalty to the team. In fairness though going is a choice and a luxury. No one should expect someone else to be responsible for any fees involved in the process.

I find it funny though that you don't have to pay to park at Cat games but for training camp you do.

What a lot of MAC students do is park at the Metro and take the bus into MAC.

I find it funny though that you don't have to pay to park at Cat games but for training camp you do.
I'm confused. Parking at Cat games isn't free unless you seek out free parking somewhere on the neighbouring streets.

Exactly. You can park for free on the streets but to go to training camp, you can’t park on the streets and have to pay to park.

A game is way more important than training camp.

I just find that funny!

and some employed people book holiday time around the team specifically to attend camp - "stayvacations" are quickly becoming a trend in this economy but really paying for something that has traditionally come without additional costs can be a burden for the "working poor"


You can park on the streets around Mac.
There is a walk in to the campus just like a game day.

There are one hour parking limits on street near the campus.

What is the Metro? Where is the Metro? Is that a [free] shuttle bus?

I assume parking is free or more reasonable there. Which is it, Tiger_Dirt?