Parking at BMO

Hey there Argo fans, ticat fans here driving to the game tomorrow, never been to BMO. Where is the parking and how much does it cost? Thanks!


Scroll down to the bottom of this Link and you’ll see a map with different parking options:

Not sure what they're selling at that link, but I've always paid $20, not $30, to park right by the stadium. Massive bottleneck to leave the parking lot afterwards if the stadium is reasonably full, but I'm guessing that won't be the case tomorrow given the weather forecast.

Thats awesome thanks guys!

Best place to park is in Liberty Village, just north of the stadium, across the train tracks. Less than half the price to park and there are pubs there. Just a 5 minute walk, or less. You can only access that area from King Street. You should check that out. Ticat fans are organizing a get together in Liberty Village and meeting at the Brazen Head Pub.

Great idea, but we are going to park at Ontario Place, $20 for the day. Much easier to get out of there after the game straight out on to Lakeshore.

Both are great ideas, and it would be nice to get out of there without sitting in parking lot congestion for an hr. How far is BMO from Ontario place?

what we do is park at the clarkson go station and train in from there.

on the way back it is great to get off at clarkson and drive the rest of the way home.

we even tailgate (albeit quietly and respectfully) in the go station parking lot for a couple hours before the game.

It's just across Lakeshore, that's where they are having the TailGate/Shipyard this year. There is the footbridge across to the Ex grounds or cross at the lights.

Correction: it was $25.

Yes it was $25, I parked just down from the tail gate, after the game it was easy to get out right on to Lakeshore and then on to the Gardiner.