Parking and Tailgating

Next year the city begins constructing a park at the site of the former Consumer Glass Co. That raises the question...... Where will the fans be able to park and tailgate with the blessing of the city and local police? Ohhhhh, the problems that come along with a stadium that has no onsite parking. But that's Hamilton.

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I've heard that some of the homeowners around the stadium let fans park on their property for a small fee.

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Yes they do. I have done it myself a few times


:sunglasses: LOL , ExPat !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Those spots are already tight to find on game day. Nearby homeowners couldn't accommodate 500 displaced vehicles, 300 more bar-b-ques and 1000 suds guzzlin fans. There might be a master plan in place to get people to use public transit and to spend their fortunes inside the park on tipsypops.

The proposed stadium by the Bay was a traffic bottle-neck ready to happen . THF has major routes in and out of the stadium i.e. Barton , Cannon , Burlington St. , King and Main Sts. . Parking is always an issue , so maybe the answer is what the HSR has already established . Off site parking at malls with reliable bus / LRT services seems reasonable . If we're trying to go green , then reducing car traffic could be the answer . :slightly_smiling_face:

Pat Lynch ( I miss the Scott Park tailgaters )


Ah, the good old days at Hamilton Civic Stadium (1960)
Parking wasn't an issue then!

This is the same hallowed grounds that Tim Hortons Field is on


Shuttle buses or walk from the Centre Mall and there are smaller parking lots near the stadium that do their own tailgating. Or shuttle buses from other malls in the city or the regular transit.
No different than in Ottawa where there is limited underground parking and there are shuttles from Carleton U or the city transit.
Same in Montreal, no on-site parking and shuttles or a long walk to the subway.

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The team has tried to create their own Tailgate type atmosphere by offering those $5 beers until kickoff. They need more cheaper pre-game food options as well. Also that Parking lot "F' near the stadium off Barton has pretty good tailgate stuff happening.

Yes and it's up to the fans that operate the tail gate parties, I don't think they can legally sell the beers and burgers but you can always get into one of them and slip the guy a few dollars.
It's like the tail gate in places like Buffalo, it's all about the fans, they come early party, barbecue, drink. They don't rely on the team or the city to organize the tail gate and sell food and beer.
BMO too is a great spot, they have the huge parking lots there, it's the fans bringing their own beer and food. Then it's over to the Shipyard to the Argo's organized beer and burgers and concert

There will be tons of parking availabe. You might just have to adjust your routine

Should start a official tailgate at Gage park and do a mass walk down to the game. Seattle has been doing it for years with their soccer team looks pretty cool. Could also get local bands to play. The Seattle Sounders Soccer Experience - YouTube

Sounds great