Parking and restaurant advice in Hamilton

A buddy and I have are driving from Kingston for Saturday's game in Hamilton vs. Ottawa. Looking for advice for parking and any decent restaurants near the stadium. Thanks in advance.

I’d recommend stopping in Toronto to eat - - much greater selection, much better quality of food.

Abundance of parking available in Hamilton though.

People living close by the stadium sell parking spots on their lawn for $10 or $15.

Very easy to find as the residents will be standing in their driveway holding cardboard signs.

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Hard to believe but Restaurants just got indoor plumbing in Hamilton. Working on getting the residents to eat with cutlery instead of their hands

Don’t listen to 51…there are plenty of great places to eat. And the people are nice too. Try the places on Augusta Street if you like Pub Foood

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what kind of food you looking for?

Festival Cafe has some good pregame (and post game) eats. But not very formal.

Tall Tree Sandwhich Co is also quality food right near the stadium.

For wings you have Wingporium.

Those are all within walking/parking distance. If you want more formal sit down, you have many options, but not so much in walking distance from the stadium. Touchdown Pub is, but it's pretty hit or miss.

Within a 15 minute uber/cab ride you have a dozen+ choices. If it was me I'd consider parking at a good restaurant in Hamilton, then cab/uber to the stadium and back to the restaurant after the game, that way your choices are virtually endless.

Area51 is funny. I think his last visit to the city was 20+ years ago.


Thanks for the info. Pub style is fine, not looking for formal dining. Looking forward to checking things out on Saturday. Hopefully, the REDBLACKS will keep it close.

we have so many new restaurants, I forgot to mention probably the best option.

I'm not on FB so I can't link it to you but,

The EndZone Bar & Grill is Hamilton's Premiere Sports Bar .. "Where Food & Sports are King!" 1305 MAIN ST E, Hamilton, ON, Canada L8K1B3.

I know it's not right near the stadium, but isn't Hess Village still a thing?

It's not more than 10-15 minutes away at most.

But the original question was "restaurants near the stadium" there are none!! so they might as well get off the QEW in Oakville or Burlington and find a restaurant. Why drive into downtown Hamilton.

If you head over to Ottawa Street - - Cafe Limencello (226 Ottawa) is pretty good and have not been to but have heard that Caro (4 Ottawa) is pretty good

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If you wanted to visit Hess Village - - only been for breakfast but The West Town is a good spot - 214 Locke

Ahhhhh, Toronto! For those who require "world class" food....


Might as well just eat at Tim Horton’s Dump if you’re just looking for some chicken fingers and hot dogs, rather than wasting time at a “restaurant” in Hamilton.

Hmmmm. Spoken like an effete snob. I'll let Hamiltonians decide whether to call you anything worse.


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Hamilton is one of my favourite away stadiums. TiCat fans aren’t very bright, but I always get a few laughs from them.

Always look forward to parking on someone’s front lawn - - especially at this time of year when the ground is so soft from all the rain, because I can do a great job ripping their lawn up when leaving.

More often than not, I have things thrown at me during the game. This is a great example of Hamilton fans lack of intelligence. Because usually the debris ends up hitting other Hamilton fans sitting around me.

Near the end of the 2009 ESF, some mouth-breather decided throw a hot dog at me. Naturally, it ended up hitting a woman sitting nearby.

It must have been loaded up with condiments because ketchup and mustard exploded in the woman’s hair and all over her TiCats jersey.

Well they're CFL fans and therefore by definition smarter than those who prefer unCanadian sports.

As far as the throwing things at games, Premier David Peterson's comment on the subject said it all "I don't want some drunk throwing up on my kid at the game." Alcohol sales cause problems anywhere and everywhere. Not that I think governments should ban such, but that still should be recognized as the cause of the problem.

But like I've often said previously, I'm bright enough to realize that CFL fans hating other teams and their fan bases is stupidity of the highest order.

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Thanks for everybody's input for recommendations. Looking forward to checking out THF and Hamilton. And hoping the REDBLACKS pulls off a miracle!

I recommend my Auntie Brenda's place. Great cook down the road towards Windsor

wrong there is restaurants near the stadium .

  • The Capitol Bar
  • Festival CafĂ©
  • Maipai
  • Curbside Grill
  • Barton Touchdown Pub
  • Mosaic
  • La Luna Express Barton
  • Hi-Line Centre Pizza & Wings(Official)
  • HAMBRGR Crown Point

are all near the stadium

Good perogies are/were available at the corner diner on the north side of Barton Street just a few doors east of Angelo Savelli's old King of Cards shop.


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