Parking - 11/8 Alouettes Game

We are coming up from Ohio for our first CFL games on the 11/8 weekend.

We're hoping to tailgate at Tim Horton's Field for the game vs. Montreal on 11/8.....any idea how to secure a parking spot by stadium? I saw on website, they're sold out....but wondered if they can be found via Craigslist/Ebay, etc?

Any suggestions welcome!

We'll be coming in from Toronto....we're going to Argos-RedBlacks game the night before...

It's part of a five-games-in-five-days trip for we want to make the most of trip to Hamilton!


You can always find parking on nearby lawns, as the surrounding houses typically offer it between $20 to $5, however that makes things tricky for tailgating. I do know most of the tailgating is done on the nearby Scott Park Baseball diamond area.

Thanks for the info! As far as Scott Park, for a 4pm game how early do you need to arrive to ensure tailgating spot?

Also, do you need to pre-reserve a spot or is it first-come-first-serve, pay-at-the-lot?

Thanks for the help! Saves us from scrambling pre-game

Lots of parking in driveways and on lawns just south of Scott Park. Most people will charge you 10 or 15 bucks. You can walk over to Scott Park and tailgate with just about anyone there. Introduce yourself and enjoy the Welcome you will get from everyone there. Most people arrive a couple hours early but because it is a 4:pm start...there may be some all set up by noon.

Perhaps someone on here :wink: who lives near Tim Horton's Field will see this and offer their driveway, because most places don't put their parking signs out until an hour or so before the game. :thup:

*** if you have time in the morning, check out the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, downtown. If you do...when you head from there to the game you simply turn left onto Melrose St and after the first stop sign you pass heading north, you will find lots of parking opportunities. Just walk straight north from your parking space and cross at the lights into Scott Park. ENJOY :thup:

Me and my group usually pull over to the side on Melrose Street beside Scott Park, you can see it on Google Maps. We throw our 4 way flashers on then unload the car and then I go find a spot on a nearby street for free. The rest of my crew takes the stuff to go find a spot under the trees to tailgate! We usually show up 4 hours early and always get a spot to tailgate and park nearby. Around half hour before game time. We all haul the stuff back to the car and then walk to the game! Easily doable if you're there early enough!

Needless to say, next year we will pre-pay for a spot actuallu in the J lot but this works perfect too!!!

Hope you have a great time and if you have any questions let me know!

I usually park at a church on Barton for 10.00 The 5 church blocks you in so don`t park there. Never an issue.

Thanks for all the great info!

We will be coming in full force from Ohio! We’ll have all our tailgate stuff packed and ready!

We are doing five-game-in-five-days…calling it #NovemberToRemember

Nov. 5 - Univ. of Buffalo at Ohio University (our alma mater…5 former Bobcats on this trip)
Nov. 6 - Browns at Bengals in Cincinnati
Nov. 7 - Ottawa at Toronto
Nov. 8 - Montreal at Hamilton
Nov. 9 - Chiefs at Bills in Buffalo

…and then it’s back to Ohio.

So, just for full disclosure…we are former Ohio U. Bobcats and we are getting the chance to see two of our own on this trip. Lavon Brazill is an Argo, so we have our Brazill t-shirts. Chip Cox is an Alouette, so we have a few Chip Cox t-shirts already made. I know we will be in Ticat country! So I’m looking for some Hamilton swag to wear while we tailgate! I’ve been searching for a Hamilton jersey online for cheap…but no luck so far!

We will be flying an Ohio Bobcat flag and a Canada flag at the tailgate…so feel free to stop by and say hello to some first-time CFL’ers and have a cold one.

We do plan on checking out the Canadian Football Hall of Fame…and we’ll most likely be ready to tailgate by 1pm or so…so we’ll do our best to secure a spot at Scott Park.

Looking forward to the trip!

Feel free to pass on any more great info!

Now thats a pretty awesome road trip! I will look for you as I am sure many other fans.

Are you coming from Steubenville?

If you are coming in from Toronto, I recommend not taking the QEW but coming in from the 403 side of the city if you are going to stop off at the hall. It's probably closer that way and it's a much more scenic route into the city vs the QEW and the view of the Steel mills. Get off at the Main St. Exit and maintain a speed around 50 kph, and you'll hit every green light.

The Hall of Fame is right beside city hall on the right, you can't miss it. There is a metal football statue out front. I recommend parking behind city hall,so take a right on James and then a right on Hunter. That way, if you are then leaving for the game afterwards, you can pull out of that lot at Hunter, take a right on Bay and you're back on main. Run Main all the way to Melrose and turn left to find THF, and once again stay around 50 kph (or just over 30 mph)

I really hate to say it though, don't expect to be awestruck by the Hall of Fame, as it's fallen on some tough times. They could certainly use the support, and our game has a lot of history but I don't want to oversell the hall. They are planning on moving it in the future.

As a side note, our QB Zach Collaros was born in Columbus and played for Steubenville High School, if that's remotely relevant.

Just an FYI...if by "secure a spot in scott park" you mean actually pulling up and parking in scott park...then your out of luck. Scott park is now called "Lot J" and is available only on a season pass basis and sold out before the season started. Like many have mentioned though, you should be able to find a spot on someones lawn or driveway no problem especially if you plan on being there at 1pm. You can even pull up to the lot and possibly drive in (if you explain to the attendant your not staying) to unload your stuff then go find your parking spot. Also, in case you show up earlier...Lot J is staffed with parking attendants starting at 10am on game days I do believe.