Parker or Flutie, who will it be?

The demise of Jackie Parker has led to debate as to who will be picked as the CFL's all-time best. I would assume that the voting has already taken place and that Jackies passing will not affect the result.

In todays paper one scribe suggested that the vote will be split along generational lines both claiming the decission is a no brainer. Those who are old enough to have seen Parker will vote for Parker, those not will vote for Flutie.

Although I personally am on record as picking Kenny Ploen for the honour(mostly because he did his thing without the benefit of much of a supporting cast), if I had to pick between Flutie and Parker I would give a slight edge to Parker because he did everything, run, pass, kick, return kicks.

Maybe the greatest justice would be to see joint winners named.

...I've always found it odd that in a team sport such as football where every persons role is so unique how can one person be named the 'best' player....just a thought...

its just the idea that a certain can excel in multiple aspects for a team. Like parker if you take into account he has been a QB, RB, KR, DB, etc... he did everything when in edmonton and excelled. OR even look today at people like milt stegall. He does alot of work with the rest of the bomber recieving corps to improve the entire offence, say with with simon in BC