Parity Means Match-Ups Really Matter

When you have a dominant team or two they can equal the best facets of a lesser team and come out ahead on other strengths. When you have relative parity then it comes down to relative strengths and weaknesses between the two teams.

It looks like the 'Cats have the ability to play the finesse game when the youngsters are on track. Elsewhere this was described as a "chess-match" approach. We try to play a precise passing game. That requires a nice field and a defense against you that lets you set it up with the run. Interestingly, we were able to play with the Lions and the Als but NOT the Bombers.

In my opinion, to move to the next level (that of a dominant team) we need to:
a) Review, revise, and repair both lines.
b) Have a QB that is adaptable to changing situations.
c) Have a coaching staff that is also prepared to adapt to changing situations.

Hi Mark:

I give a lot of credit to the Bomber DC Tim Burke. Their defense was good last year and so much better this season. Even Lapolice admitted that their best free agent signing during this last off season was Burke.

Their defense has carried them this year and it even showed yesterday, when the BB offense could only muster 13 points for 59 minutes of the game. It had to be their D that kept Hamilton off the scoreboard and out of field position.

Yes, Winnipeg's O kept the ball away from the Cats for a good deal of the game, but you also need points to win. And with the few points their unit generated, the defense had to do that much more to make them stand up. It worked yesterday, but as shown last night, BC's offense can not only move the ball, but can score and quickly.

We may see an opposite this sunday with a smash mouth defense having to adjust to a finesse offense with great field conditions. I don't think their D can impose the same will on Wally's group. Too much talent, with great experienced coaching. Buono will know how to deal with it.