Parity can be such a bummer

What is going on in the east? Who would have thought that three of the four teams in the east would all be tied for 2nd place and only 4 points out of top spot currently occupied by the Argos. Yeppers, it's a real dog fight. It's vicious dog fight!

But here's the problem. Those teams that are tied for 2nd place in the east each have only won a single game all year! One single game! [Yes, I know that will change] And the leader of the pack, Toronto, just suffered its 6th loss. Man, at this rate a team in the east might be eligible to make it into the playoffs if it can field 12 players onto the field.

The west is running away with this thing so far and one has to wonder what the Grey Cup game is going to look like. Yes, I know the season is only half over and things could change but do you think they will? I mean really?

While 3 of the 4 eastern teams are wallowing with only just one win all season, some teams in the west have suffered only a single loss at close to the mid point of the season.

What happened to parity? I can see one team, perhaps two out of 9 teams struggling in a given year but the entire eastern division is anemic when 4 teams play a total of 31 games [at the time of writing] and have only 6 wins to show for it. That's less than 20% in the win column and that is dreadful.

Every team has its dark moments but I hope the mantra of the day isn't, " Well as long as the other teams in our division are losing we have a chance." That doesn't create a championship team or a playoff contender.

People are talking about the weak East. And it is weak. But I think we could be in for a surprise. Edmonton was the first team to win a crossover game a few years ago. Looking at the East this year, I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up with two West teams in the Grey Cup.

It is what it is. No biggie , every season in every league , strange things happen and that is a good thing overall.

Well, now is clearly the time for wild, ludicrous, unsubstantiated allegations!

The entire West is on the juice, and the western teams drug policies are clearly not as tough has the east as evidenced by the recent west CIS scandal.

The CFL refs are all biased to the west who pays substantially larger sums into their pension fund.

The West clearly has unfair supernatural sponsorship powers going on, by their choice of the letter W to begin their direction. Clearly a conspiracy by the West, Winning and the letter W.

The league is clearly favoring the West by forcing the East to adopt a weaker expansion team. Physical laws of geography be damned, Ottawa should have been in the west.

MLSE is clearly to blame, as their NFL bid required making the CFL look bad, and used their connections to replace all of the water bottles of Eastern teams with used Maple Leafs water bottles.

I like a good conspiracy theory. Destroy the East and a NFL team can move in. :o

[quote author="Chief"]

I like a good conspiracy theory. Destroy the East and a NFL team can move in. :o

Like all good conspiracy theories Chief, they need to be completely wacko crazy.

So where are the Winnipeg Blue Bombers hiding all those Cups I didn't see them win? :?

Nice theory Hammer, but you have it backwards. The conspiracy is not in favour of the west it's favouring the east.

CFL refs are biased towards the west so they can be assured of dominating the east to make them look bad.

The league is clearly favoring the east by forcing them to adopt a weaker expansion team thus making it easier to make the playoffs and Grey Cup game without the inconvenience of having to put a good team on the field.

The league forced Austin to trade Burris and sign Collaros as Hamilton's starter by threatening to release compromising pictures involving a cigar tube and an old Navy friend.

The league threatened to have Calvillo deported from Canada then deported from the US to Mexico if he did not retire last season ensuring the downfall of the Als this season. To makes sure they went nowhere the league then "fired" Higgins and manipulated the Als and Jim Popp into signing the intellectually spent Higgins as their new coach.

The league hijacked both Jones and O'Shea away from the Argos and have promised the newly vacant commissioners job to Millanovich to ensure a weak Argo team.

The league called in a few favours with some "well connected" union reps in the construction business to ensure an extended delay to the opening if Timbit Field.

By making the east look so pathetic the league knows casual eastern CFL fans will turn away. The NFL will see this whole mess (half empty stadiums, massively delayed construction, a division leader with twice as many losses as wins) and conclude that football is unmarketable in Ontario effectively killing any notion of the Bills moving to Toronto.

Win-win. The Toronto Bills idea is dead and the Argos have an easy trek to the Grey Cup. Now they begin to implement part II of the plan which will ensure a Braley Bowl Grey Cup this November. :cowboy:

Disparity is between divisions which may be reduced later when teams face more opponents within same division. But there is parity inside each division because only 2-4 points separate teams from first to last. Ideally for true parity, both east and west teams should have identical number of points but that only exist at start of regular season.

As a western team I would think you would have an easier time to get to a grey cup doing the crossover.

For being a MODERATOR, you sure make weird comments :roll:

great year for a Calgary , Rider Grey Cup.

Last 4 or 5 weeks of the season are all divisional games. Whoever gets hot during that stretch is golden.

This is the kind of year where a team from the East could get hot at the right moment, and win the Grey Cup with a miserable regular season record.

The Eastern Division race this year.....Go Turtles Go !!!!! :oops: :thdn: :roll:

Toronto Argo-Turtles
Hamilton Turtle-Cats
Montreal Alou-Turtles

Sometimes your creativity astounds me BoBo. What an imagination you have! :thup:

Loved the turtle picture.!

I know where you're coming from Thirdperson but when I think of parity I always think of it in terms of league parity, not within a division. Three of four teams in a division all tied for 2nd place but having one only one game out of 7 or 8 isn't parity in my opinion. There is another word I could use but it would not be appropriate.

Just trying to have a little fun. :wink:

:lol: Awesome!

East Division highlights :lol: :roll: :cowboy: :rockin:Turtle Power !!! :stuck_out_tongue: :oops:

No way, that was too good a play for anybody in the East. :cowboy:

There is even concern out West about the quality of play. If the Commissioner can fix that and the Argos ownership before he leaves office, he should be made a Saint by the Pope.