Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson has been granted his release "to pursue more active employment ....."

Coming here? ............... we may have a spot, at least a tryout ... but would sound like
some offer in the works perhaps

Hope not. Surely we can find someone younger and better then him.

I agree, I think we can do better with some younger talent :rockin:

Can't see it happening. Getz, Bagg, and got their guy in Etienne, Sisco still under contract but now has competition from a similar aged Etienne who has began his break out last season. If this lights a fire for Sisco they will be looking very good at Canadian REC

Can't stand Paris Jackson. Terrible attitude, not that great of a receiver. He can celebrate his 5 yard out somewhere else.

He is looking for more playing time he won't get it here. The same type situation is here where they have a top Canadian receiver in Getz, Good vet in Bagg and two younger one looking good last season in Etienne and Sisco still has the potential.
I am really not sure where Jackson thinks he is going to get all of this playing time

Dang guys I didn't know Paris Jackson was so disliked.

Perhaps the most ignorant comment I've read all off season.

First off, I don't ever recall Paris celebrating a 5 yard out. That would be Nik Lewis and Ken-Yon Rambo.

Not a great receiver? Great hands, great vert. Probably the best guy in the league over the past decade on the hands team for the short kickoff. The only reason his numbers nosedived the past couple seasons is because Wally (and Bene) pushed him down the depth chart.

Terrible attitude? Still gave his heart and soul to the team DESPITE being pushed down the depth chart. Spent the past 3 seasons as a special teamer, a downfield blocker and being the clutch guy open on that 5 yard out whenever called upon on 2nd and 4. Always in great shape. Always a pro. Did ANYTHING the team asked him to do.

Furthermore, I live here in Vancouver and I do not recall a single time that his character was ever taken into question by media, fans or the team itself. I tailgate with dozens of Lions fans and he is a fan fave player - and for good reason.

Jackson is heading into the twighlight of his career. He was pushed down the depth chart but did stick around as a veteran back up, many would have not handled that as well, especilly since it meant playing on teams as well.
For two of thos seasons he did see regular PT for 2011 and 2012 as part of a package ratio sub. Harris and Bruce were the starters but when Harris needed a break or a series off enter the double swith import Tim Brown at RB and Paris Jackson NI at rec for NI Harris RB and import Bruce at rec.
2013 that started to decline and was not in the plans for 2014 with haidaira and now Poblah appearing to take those roles.
If there was no Ottawa this season it may have been a lot tougher for him to land a job this early possibily having to wait for an injury somewhere.
Also for Ottawa they have done an awesome job of acquiing both talent and depth at Canadian roster spots. The one position that they need major improvement is at the Canadian receiver spots.

Right now if the REDBLACKS were to start the season we would probably see a heavy offensive does with a 4 wide set and a TE (Lavoi and Delahunt) leaving them with Matt Carter and Paris Jackson as the Canadian receiver to fit the spot.