Paris Jackson

hands down best reciever in CFL in 3 years no doubt. Gonna be the successor to Geroy... this kids gonna be great

He had a good season last year. One year does not make a Hall of Fame career. If he can keep up those numbers in future seasons, with the defense giving him more attention, then he may be considered for that title.

he is no Geroy, Geroy may be the best in the league , and Paris is good but not even the Lions second best in my books, I think that goes to Clermont.

Ya I know at this moment he is definately the 3rd or 4th reciever but im sayin in a few years if you give him time he is going to develop into a really good player

Look for him to replace Ryan Thelwell ..... either this year or 2007

I agree with the Clermont thought, he is by far the most consistent reciever that the Lions have. Geroy is good when is in on, but when he is not shining he just lets the team down. Sorry Geroy. Paris is also good, but young yet and needs to have a few more years under his belt to be considered the best.

I disagree with Clermont being the most consistent reciever.... Geroy's last three years in terms of recieving yards have all been above 1,400 yards, and with that brings the title of most consistent reciever.... G-G-G- eeee roy... and yes, i agree that P. Jackson will replace Thelwell, if not this year then in 2007.

do you count all the catches that Geroy missed last year?? or all the tackles that Clermont made to help the other recievers make catches? Don't get me wrong, I do think Geroy is a great player but last year was not a good year for him. just my opinion that stats don't always show the whole picture

[quote=“msma”]do you count all the catches that Geroy missed last year?? or all the tackles that Clermont made to help the other recievers make catches? Don
a) Your so-called *tackles are called *blocks when on offense

b) Geroy dont drop passes (only when they’re really tough catches)

c) The reason Clermont does get the receptions he does is because Geroy
gets a double team every second play which opens up the other recievers.

d) Don’t get me wrong either, i do think clermont is a quality reciever

What recievers don't drop passes? The fact is, it happens from time to time, its just a minor fault of the reciever position. They all do it. Look at the NFL. You'll see dropped passes every game by the supposed "superstars". In the end its a fact that Geroy puts points on the board, racks up the yards, and opens up the field to his other reciever teamates.

P.S: I completely agree with PostCorners arguement. Paris Jackson is no doubt B.C's future superstar reciever.

I love Paris Jackson. I like him because he's cute :slight_smile:.

BC should lock up paris long term. Geroy's ability to get open all the time really holds back Paris. Clermont and Jackson are equally very valuable to the team, they just have different roles in the offense. Jason is the gritty tough underneith option and paris is the speedy deep option.

paris jackson is my cousin i live in penticton his mom louise died of cancer in her sleep and so did his dad frank

If you are Paris' cousin, you'd know that his Father is Glen Jackson, a former BC Lions player himself.

Incorrect - 15 yard penalty.

From a Sun Q&A aug.9:

Q: Many people mistakenly assume you're the son of Glen Jackson, a Lions linebacker (1976-87) who is now the football coach at Holy Cross high school in Surrey. Has that led to some confusion?

A: My father is Glen Jackson, but everyone assumed it was the white Glen Jackson [from Holy Cross]. He called me once and said, 'Can you convince my wife I'm not your father? Everyone keeps saying I have a son out there.' We laughed about it. My dad is from Atlanta, he went to Fort Valley State [in Georgia] and played up here for a while. He was a running back and special teams player. He runs a landscaping business [Kuma Landscaping] in New Westminster.