Paris Jackson

What happened to him? I seen him in one game this season now i have not seen him since.

Life happened to Paris Jackson- He is a smart guy, he understands the cost of living in BC, and his focus is obviously on business outside of football--

Brent Johnson, Davis Sanchez, Paris Jackson, guys like this are smart guys, they are using the LIONS as they are good PUBLIC IMAGE figures but their best days are way way behind them-

The LIons are not a legit football team-- BUONO is 1-10 vs HUFFNAGEL who has been only coaching 3 seasons in the CFL--

We are the breeding ground for GUYS who are in their mid to late thirties to collect a pay cheque for doing nothing--

HEY WALLY we are getting old buddy- how many other CFL teams have guys so old playing?

Go look at Montreal, Cgy, Winnipeg, Edmonton and go find me 38 year old Db;s and 35 year old receivers and 34 year old slow defensive lineman-- ALso forgot about Jamal ROberton, what a pickup a slow 32 year old RUNNING BACK FREE agent that we paid I believe over 100 grand for? Good one Wally

What the...

Paris Jackson is recovering from a knee injury... what the guy above me is on about I have no idea. Whole lot of nothing.

Yah I have no part in this conversation but that guy has been on these forums for like 4 days straight putting out rediculous topics and then writing about 1000 words about nothing. He has literally said the same thing at least five times in 5 different conversations. Just thought I'd let you know.

Yeh, I interpret Gridiron Guru as unintended satirical comedy.

Life did happen to Paris Jackson, but was injury not interests outside football. He's been on the 46-man roster the last couple of weeks and dressed but has been essentially kept out of game action so far. He rushed back to play last year and it hurt is production, so taking a longer time to make sure it is really good to go this year.

Oh I thought he was promoting night clubs . I guess I shouldn't read anything Guru is writing.

That's a little unfair. Yes, GG failed to mention PJ's knee; however he is correct that we can't seem to beat the Stamps.

Let's hope our boys can get it together soon so we can read some positive posts!