Paris Jackson removes his shoes on a TD celebration, no Pen!

So what makes the Jackson celebration not deserve a penalty?

i’m curious for everyone’s reactions…

should he have been penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct?

...could've been ants...natural grass and all...

Thats BS, how is there no penalty on that, its no different from taking off any other piece of equip. (helmet)

I just saw the replays of this TD celebration. Honestly, what the hell? What is with these ridiculous celebrations? And before anyone accuses me of being a bitter Eskimos fan, I actually don't mind Geroy Simon's Superman pose. I think it's a cool celebration. But when I see these ridiculous celebrations (Bruce taking off his jersey and shoulder pads; Paris taking off his shoes), I'm reminded of Homer's Showboating Academy.

It was a pretty lame celebration.

i thought he was just out of the endzone when he took his shoes off. this would make this a no call reguarding the removal of equiptment.

I think his feet were sweaty, he was airing them out. I mean he did run for 126 yards last night.

The difference between taking off your helmet and your shoes is that the helmet is a lot heavier. Don't forget, the reason they put in the rule which penalizes players for removing their head gear was done because players were throwing them at other players, leading to ptential injury.

I think it all started with Jeff Braswell, about 20 years ago, who was a real hot-head (excuse the pun). Braswell started out playing for the Lions, and then moved to Edmonton. I believe he was with the Esks when he threw his helmet at another player and did some damage. It seemed premeditated if I recall. I am not even sure he got penalized that time.

While the celebration was lame , was it against the rules what he did ? If not , how can it be penalized ?

Just watched the TSN post game highlites . Both Geroy and Wally commented on this . Neither viewed it as a class thing , Geroy said he would prefer to see something much more low key and Wally will have a word with PJ about it .
I hope that's the end of it , was pretty bad a couple of seasons ago watching some pathetic TD celebration , Stamps come to my mind in this regard .

Stumps were the worst followed by Winnipeg. Yes that was quite lame what Jackson did last night, like a lot of things in life though what one considers lame I’m sure there were some ppull who thought it was cool. It’s just a matter of class, some have it, some don’t. :thdn:

Maybe Paris was taking off his shoes to do the Moon Walk just like his Daddy Michael - Oh... oops, wrong Paris Jackson :lol:

Perhaps a bad case of athlete's foot? :lol:

Maybe his feet were hot.

Maybe he wanted to know what natural grass felt like.

I was like ... wtf is he doing?

I love Paris, but that is one lame celebration, legal or not.

He need to come up with something else.

That was my first thought! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I agree with pennw; I hate the showboating stuff. Glad Geroy and Wally had a word with him.

[url=] ... _carpenter[/url]
Brandon Browner said he would buy the woman another beer after draining hers during the win over the Toronto Argonauts.

It's going to cost him more than that.
The Calgary Stampeders defensive back was fined Tuesday for excessive celebration after going into the stands with Dwight Anderson upon his interception return for a touchdown. Browner grabbed a beer and splashed it down.
Lions receiver Paris Jackson was also fined for taking off his shoes and pretending they were hot in the win over the Edmonton Eskimos.
This is what the statement read: "The CFL encourages players to enjoy the touchdown moment and celebrate, however, excessive celebrations that include the removal of equipment, the use of foreign objects or that delay the game will not be tolerated."

League: $3000 --- Showboats: ($3000)

Again, I ask, and? So what if all these guys were fined for excessive celebrations. I certainly don't want the CFL to turn into the NFL, but some of these celebrations are getting out of hand. Running into the stands, grabbing someone's beer, and splashing it around. That doesn't call for a fine? Really? That sounds a little excessive to me.

Whatever happened to the guy doing a little dance or jig and celebrating with his teammates?

Or the backflip -- one for each TD you've got in the game.