Paris Jackson on MTV Cribs

seriously. Paris freakin Jackson is on MTV cribs. nice hat collection

is it MTV Canada though? I saw a Kenny vs Spenny cribs but I realized it was MTV Canada and not THE MTV.

I saw Kevin Eiben and Mike O SHea on cribs. It was the Canada one. Still cool though.

Isn’t the point of cribs to show the magnificent palaces of the rich and famous? I know one can keep a nice dwelling on a modest income but was there anything interesting about their houses?

I haven’t seen cribs in the USA or Canada so I really wouldn’t know.

yep, it is supposed to be palaces.

still cool to see how CFLers live.
they live pretty well.

eibens home was nice.

id like to see the QBs who make all the money.
Printers house, and Rays place.

yeah, Eiben had a nice place