Paris Jackson asks for release

Its about time!!! Dirtbag Wally has totally wrecked this guy’s career. It must of been hell the last to seasons sitting on the bench watching his career slip away. If I was a Lions player I would leave that organization the minute I became a free agent… Dirtbag Wally has screwed two of the greatest recievers of alltime. Allen Pitts was coming off a 1000 yard season when Dirtbag Wally gave him the shoe in his ass. What dirtbag Wally did to Geroy was not quite as bad, but as much as I hate the Riders, it was still fun watching Geroy do 2 superman poses at the Grey Cup last year. Jason Clermont literally took a beating for dirtbag Wally, and did things no one else would do, and took an absolute pounding up the middle and dirt bag wally threw him away like a used tampon

okay Dirtbag Bungle

I could seen most of the teams in the league having some level of interest in Paris Jackson, with the exception of maybe the Stamps and the TiCats. He probably sees that as well.

While I agree Paris Jackson has been under-utilized for the past couple of years, which veterans has Wally ever released since he came to the Lions that has gone onto bigger things? Otis Floyd (two above average seasons in Hamilton) is the only one I can think of. Yes, Geroy had a good Grey Cup - happy for him - but he was nothing more than a spare part most of the year. Good leader? Sure, but the Lions didn't miss his production. Nick Moore gave them much more. Jason Clermont? Again, was hardly used in Saskatchewan. Yup, he burned us in OT in the 2010 West Semi, but that was his first TD as a Rider!

Me thinks Wally knows a thing or two about CFL business! :lol: