.. can any of you tell us what kind of lineman he is, good or bad? IMO, I dont think we really needed any Olineman, so this one is a head scratcher... :?

...Tillman is very high on this guy, sam....probably why he is now a rider....but really he is a good talent..Eric ain't no fool...Bombers are very deep in the position ...specially after we just completed a great trade with the stamps...Parenteau could develop into a starter.....good pick-up for the green guys,,, :wink:

meh, the games he played in the Bombers Oline wasn’t at it’s best. who’s fault it was I dunno but the O-line wasn’t impressive especially Running. The OL seemed to just collapse in those games.

Geez, now we have signed Abou-Mechrek, naybe we should just trade Olines.... :lol:

...looks like Tillman has a lot of work to do sambo....your o line has changed ...but your dbs' seem to have all flown the coop...maybe its a good thing to start from scratch.... :roll: good luck

My oh my, now you see why everyone is now calling your team the western renegades sambo.

Abou is good for at least one false start or hold during a crucial time in the game and Parenteau is a career back up.

Actually if the Renegades survived another year or two, they would have a solid contending team, Pigseye. Remember they had some great talents defensively as well. Grace and Hebert would be part of a very solid linebacker corps. A few signings in the defensive backfield and a decent runner would have them in a solid position to contend.

and if they didnt have paopao guiding the ship, I think he had more to do with the failures of that organization than any of the teams. No doubt they had some talented players.