Really how long do you stick with a guy who can't snap. It's not his thing, that is fine. Get someone who can snap or who has done it his whole career? This is Professional ball right? Miller, you didn't notice this?

Those who don't learn from past mistakes are committed to repeat them. Nuff said.

Well, not our strongest play …

When I saw that high snap, I said to myself, he’s done. Too bad. We need a couple of francophones who RDS can interview when we are in Montreal or Montreal is at our barn.

I wouldnt say he is done, just probably not the center down the road. Still a great blocker.

oh, and which of the what...5 high snaps are you speaking of. Never seen anything like it in my life.

your worried about some high snaps ?
I am more worried about the lack of team effort and the cancer that has set in on this team

time that MILLER is finally gone and a new quarterback is brought into town

Yes, most are worried about high is not a big deal, 5 or 6 thus far is unnacceptable. The high snap seemed to kill the Riders when they played sucked the life out of them. 1 play like that when marching the ball well early has the ability to derail a team for the game and more. Having it happen again in the next game is just plain crushing. If you are blind to this you have likely never played team sports.

DD aint going to win without blocking unless he rolls. I really thought he would roll more with Berry gone. I think the biggest problem is that they need to find a QB coach and an OC. They are putting a lot on him...and the only people he has to get advise from on the sideline now are the backup QBs who have next to nothing for experience!

Yeah, I wasn’t too precise. I meant the one just before the end of the first half that went back for a free TD, but take your pick, really.

His snaps have been terrible the last few games, but I do not fault him entirely on the bobbled snap that went for a TD. Durant defiantly should have controlled that one, it hit him right in the hands, yes a little high and maybe he wasn't expecting it, but there is no excuse for him bobbling it like that. He was stepping back before the ball hit his hands. As much as I love DD on our team, I think we need to bench him for one game to send a message. I don't think playing Dinwiddie(SP?) is the answer, try giving the kid Cole a shot maybe, see what he has. We basically need to win out and hope for Edmonton to lose at least one or more games besides the ones we play against them, which is possible, but highly unlikely for us to win out.

Sorry , that this not working out. Let's face it, its nearly as difficult to appear 3 years straight in row at a Grey Cup as to win it 3 times in a row...nearly...not quite and neither are impossible ...but... we weren't going to do it with the coachs we picked and I warned you that Taman was not the GM we needed. Overall our players have shown courage and ability to play above potential...but now there is a frustration that is hard to miss. We need some new players...O Line , D Line and DBs --we need Joffre Reynolds...we need someone mature who can gain DD's respect and attention... and Pareanteau I think you are a symptom not the cause..

Yah, I seem to recall that thing called the definition of INSANITY.

Can someone remind me why we forced O'Day into retirement by offering him that cushy office job?

I think it was mutual. He was definately on the down swing of his career, and the Riders had the opportunity to bring in some younger guys. It was a win win thing for all. He could have held on 2 more seasons then retired with no job in the CFL, or go with the sure thing. He had an amazing 14 year run, and probably made the right move for himself.

As for the Riders, their line was ancient, and they knew that they had to replace it in a 3 year span. A lot easier spreading that out a little each year than taking a big hit all at once.

How long should we have stuck with Getzlaf, he was brutal through the first 6 games. He's a good player. He was just in a slump. There's nothing to do but play through it, or maybe rotate him out a bit. Now he's their best receiver and playing the way we love him to play.

The way I see it, the same deal with Parenteau. Good player, he's having a rough stretch. Best way to deal with it is play through it. I dunno, maybe rotate him out a bit? But then changing center back and forth during a game isn't really ideal for the QB.

I suppose he could sit a game, I wouldn't be upset, but I'm not about to give up on a darn good guy over a couple of bad gaffs.

Kornegay looks pretty damn good in orange right now. That's what happens when you scapegoat good players.

Getz is getting the big plays yes, but he is also still missing blocks and still drops one a game.

I think we move Paeanteau back to his old spot and try someone(s) else at centre. But only if he can move that line in his old spot. Oline needs some young strong legs to dominate the line. Protection will follow though slowly.