why PAMELA, you know thats what i thought a socialist city like you like vancouver would do


the best lion ever...... but i guess for a city like vancouver if your not doing something so outragously stupid its not good enough

…but from the parade vehicle Lui’s best asset will go unnoticed, yet with Pam…well, you get the picture…

Whoa.... RnR you're right! You are so right!!! I'd much rather be screaming LOOOOOOO!!! at a parade rather than screaming LOOOOOOOKATTHOSE!!!! Socialists, eh? Tsk. Yeah, I'm with you RnR, I'd rather be with a kicker than a licker!

My son is going to be in the parade as well…as part of the White Rock/South Surrey Titans Bantam football team. It’ll be the first parade I’ve watched in over 20 years


Why Pamela Anderson? Why not Pam are you BLIND?? Louie Pasaglia won't look nearly as good in a dress!!!!!!!!

RNR now you are scaring me. In another forum you talk about fairies now you prefer Lui over Pam....

no , i just think in B.C ........ and since this is a FOOTBALL PARADE, BC might wanna have there best player ever , as the leader

Best post I’ve seen all week…

Pam is from BC, and she is a Lions Fan...Maybe famous.

So the real RnR stands up.

You know what rNr...who seems to be coming live and well from the home of the first socialist TOMMY can heap criticism on beautiful BC from Sask???
Yes, Pam will be at the parade, as well as our best man, and gentleman, Lui, and both will be in the stands in the DEN along with all the proud Lions fans who will see them on to V for victory!

Wrong about RnR....he's an Alberta boy.....don't give him to us.....

We’re just trying to get you to tudor him since you’re a teacher!