parade on sunday

and why didnt the parade happen on sunday?most of the guys live in vancouver anyways.maybe next year. the dynasty begins now.look out cfl, this is only the begining for the lions.go buy seasons tickets, and forget about the boring canucks.

I t was a great game for the Canucks tonight.This is a hockey town and will always be a hockey, i think there is to many comparissions in this city,Why can’t we get excited for both, i love the lions and the canucks.

For once I'll have to agree with you Dups. It's not necessary to slam one for the other....we're lucky to have several great sports teams to support here. The Giants/Whitecaps have also provided some pretty awesome entertainment too.

The Lions should gather some steam now from fans who will jump on board. And then there are us diehards who have been here all along and aren't going anywhere.

FTR...I love the Canucks too - great game tonight is right. Unfortunately, people keep making reference to them here though and it's unwarranted - this forum is all about the Lions.

Both teams are awsome but... At least the lions win championships!