Papering the House

Thank you, slim.

It just comes down to ethics in my opinion.

However, if they are purchasing tickets for $2 and selling them for $20, that is against the law. I believe the law states it is illegal for a licensed broker or season ticket holder to sell a ticket to any event for more than 50% above the price the broker or season ticket holder paid. (I think the percentage differs in other areas.)

At any rate, it’s a joke that anyone could think it’s totally fine that this is happening.

That's the point, the fan that paid this "ticket broker" would have been in a seat either way.

If that scalper wasn't there, the person that's actually spending money in the stadium would've also paid for another seat somewhere in the stadium.

The only good thing about the attendance problem (other then being able to stretch out your legs) is that these idiots don't have any demand for their handful of tickets and they can't charge someone 3 times face value.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. This posting does not constitute legal advice.

While people can draw their own conclusions about how much it is enforced, in Ontario I understand it is illegal to re-sell a ticket for any price greater than face value.

In fact, the wording below sounds to me like it is also illegal to purchase or offer to purchase tickets for greater than face value, which I found slightly surprising.

Check out the Ticket Speculation Act:

[url=*_e%60+%3CAND%3E+%28xRegUnderAct+%3Cstarts%3E+%60T%60%29&resultCount=200&sortField=dDocTitle&sortOrder=ASC&startIndex=1&type=regs&letter=T&expand=yes&lang=en&act=elaws_statutes_90t07_e#9] ... _90t07_e#9[/url]


2.Every person who,


(a) being the holder of a ticket, sells or disposes of the ticket at a higher price than that at which it was first issued, or endeavours or offers so to do; or

purchasing as a speculation or at a higher price than advertised

(b) purchases or attempts to purchase tickets with the intention of reselling them at a profit, or purchases or offers to purchase tickets at a higher price than that at which they are advertised or announced to be for sale by the owner or proprietor of any place mentioned in section 1,

is guilty of an offence and on conviction is liable to a fine of not more than $5,000. R.S.O. 1990, c. T.7, s. 2."

Well there you it's even worse than I thought.

(I was going with the Ebay guidelines. That's where I got it from.)

Does the same thing not apply, using your logic, to the family who has 4-5 seasons tickets and ends of giving them away to otherwise paying customers?.....

At any rate, here's the bottom are taking a real chance from scalpers because some of the tickets they have may be counterfeit......and even they (the scalpers) don't realize it.

Some counterfeit tickets are un-detectable.....the reproductions are flawless except one thing......the bar code

enter ----> Ticketmaster hand held scanner

I've always bought seasons tickets or at the window game by game.....never from a scalper.

......but, as I said, if other people go to scalpers, it's none of my business. It's up to the team and the police to stop that practice......if there are in fact laws being broken.

I don’t think it’s the same thing. That season ticket holder is not charging or making a profit on their tickets. They are giving them to family members, friends or business contacts who might not necessarily go to a game on their own. (And maybe if you get them to a game by giving them a free ticket, they’ll come back and buy one of their own next game.)

When you stand near Ivor Wynne and hit people walking towards the box office, those people have full intentions of purchasing tickets and attending the game.

I don’t disagree with this, but as paying customers and loyal supporters of the team, it would be in everyone’s best interest if this sort of thing didn’t happen. Therefore, I care that it’s happening.

Thank you, AMG.

You recognize what the point of my thread is.

You and many others who support the team 100% care
that this is happening while mb03 couldn't care less.

if other people go to scalpers, it's none of my business.

It's up to the team and the police to stop that practice......

if there are in fact laws being broken.

The point isn't about whether selling
the tickets I am talking about is illegal

it's about this practice hurting the team's bottom line.

I know you get it, mikey. Admit it.


Let me repeat this again, mikey.

Some people are ripping off the Ticats by re-selling
heavily discounted or free tickets they have aquired
which their employers have already paid for.

You just don't care that is happening.

I've dealt with scalpers at Ticat games, and know others that have, and notice once have I seen anyone come across a counterfeit ticket.

I must admit I am guilty of receiving Leafs tickets and selling them. I have been given Gold and Platinum tickets and sold them for $500 sometimes $600 dollars. The Leafs are sold out and none of these tickets are available so I don't feel so bad.

However, I have also received Toronto Rock and Raptors tickets, those I tend not to sell I tend to give away to fans that would like to go but would not have been able to go otherwise.

On to the Cats situation, if I was in a position where someone was going to give me tickets (for free) I would use those tickets or refuse those tickets. I would not feel right in taking them to sell them.

The only time I did this was the 1996 Grey cup where I bought GC tickets for my seasons seats and then lost my frickin' shirt selling them becasue nobody would buy them. I bought those tickets with the sole intention of selling them unless the Cats were in the Cup. I sold 4 tickets that cost me 150 each for a total of 50 after 3 house of trying to peddle them outside....damn Argo fans...none of them seemed to want to come down and support their team.

So, if offered tickets I think you should take them to use them or refuse them...not sell them. And I also agree if the game is sold out....then we have a totally different scenario on our hands because you are no longer costing the team money by taking away a revenue source for them.

All I can do is lead by example within my own circle.........and purchase tickets directly from the team (either seasons or game-by-game)

How others obtain their tickets is none of my beeswax......

Clearly the team is cutting down on passing out so many free tickets this year......which is a good thing I suppose.....but if someone else sells their seat to a game to someone else who wants it, I really can't do much about that now can I?.....and if somebody makes a profit?.......I can't do much about that either as it's out of my realm of control.

What I can do is point out the amount of fun I've always had at Ticats games and hopefully convince those I can influence to go buy a ticket......I do care and that's how I can helpin a productive, positive way.......not to worry about stuff I have no control over.

None of us have any control over it. You're right about that....but that still isn't the point.

Only partially agree with you there.

Despite my general disdain for scalpers (except when I score a pair of good Leaf tickets I don't want), I see a pretty significant difference between selling paid for tickets and selling comp tickets.

If the club gets paid for the ticket, then as long as it isn't sold for more than face value, it doesn't matter much who gets the ticket and how they got it. Yes, scalping means another ticket won't get sold but the Cats have the money and someone is sitting in that seat. There is a ticket sold/service provided relationship. Look at it another way - if it went unused because the original purchaser couldn't make the game, then the Cats are getting paid without providing value. If legit purchasers can't sell tickets they don't need, they might not buy tickets in future.

But if the Cats give the ticket away free/near free and it ends up being sold for more than it was purchased for, it's a problem. The seat is used but the Cats aren't paid for it. As scuzzy as scalping is, the Cats have to share the blame - they put those free/cheap tickets out there.

They say they are cutting down on that. It's about time. As a paying customer, I hate to hear about the club giving out thousands of free/near free tickets. If they're going to, and being used by, needy kids or something, cool, but when I see a scalper with a pile of 50 still-perforated Ticketmaster tickets that he's selling to potential ticket buyers, I'm much less sympathetic when the club whines about not making money.

Exactly. There is NO reason to buy from scalpers unless the game is sold out. Why would anyone want to buy from scalpers when the box office is usually within 50 feet. Makes no sence to me. If the game is sold out of course buy one.

The scalper could be selling his free ticket for below cost.

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted here.

I usually just browse, but I really thought I would step in, and and speak up.

And my thoughts begin...

Usually fans who are very passionate about their team often find the smallest of things to complain about...they love their team so much, that they look into the smallest of details. Even though they may have a valid point, they forget one small detail.

All rants like this do is direct negative impact towards your team. The one that YOU care about. The one that you hope you can support until the day you die.

If you really cared about the team, you would bring positive discussion to this forum.

Leave the subjective talk to the actual football being played on the field. Not the marketing, not the sales, not the owner.

Be a FOOTBALL fan, not everything else around it.

Your Respectfully,
Renegade (PS: I want my team back...NOW!)

Oooohhh - most of the last four years the marketing is the only thing the Ticats did well. Good thing we had that to talk about. :wink:

I hear ya, and coming from a Rens fan, it's a compelling argument. But things like blackouts and comp tickets and bad management hires and ticket price increases affect fans, so they're fair game. Things like the evils of temporary pop-ups go a bit far but to each his own I guess.

Welcome back to the CFL. It'll be nice to have another easy road trip back in the league. Rens? Roughies? Capitals? Battl'in Bureaucrats? Taxgrabbers? What'll it be?

Last nights game I walked by a scalper who looked at me and asked "Who needs seats?" I replied "What are you doing, who would buy pre-season seats?" while having a chuckle. I must have hit a nerve because he replied "cause Argo fans are dumbest of all" to which I just shook my head while walking away. He then yelled that he could see a condom hanging from my a**. I gave the trusty old "Loser" sign.

Something to think about next time your looking for tix. I used to buy the odd time, but I would rather miss the whole first quarter or pay double, rather than give these scumbags my money ever again.

Renegade, I am the one who initiated this discussion

I was not complaining about the Ticats'
free/near free tickets or anything about them.

I wanted to focus attention on locally employed people
who re-sell their free/near free tickets

and the people who buy these tickets from them.

I am not just a football fan,

I am a Ticats fan and I want them
to become a profitable business.

I hope this discussion has positively influenced
some of the walk-up fans to buy their tickets
at the stadium ticket window not from re-sellers.

This would benefit the Ticats'
bottom line in a positive way.

Well done, Ron. Good thread!