Paper helmets

Hamilton Tiger-Cats ?@Ticats

The first 10,000 fans through the gates at Ivor Wynne will receive Ticats paper helmets courtesy of Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers.

This legit might be the stupidest thing ive seen in a while. If you want to give something out make it nice or make sure it can make some noise to help out the D.

If these were those light cardboard ones they gave out a couple of years ago then the kids will love them today as they did then. Mak... it's not for the adults.

I brought mine home for the neighbors kids and they were quite grateful.

8) I guess I better make sure that I am the 10,001 person through the gate then :wink: :wink:

These foldable paper helmets are likely the same ones sold at the stadium a couple seasons back.

bought one for $1 and gave it to my niece who seemed to enjoy it.

yes, a rattle, horn or other noise maker may have been a better promotional gift to help pump up the players during the game, although beggars can't be choosers.

I'll just add it to my Ticats collection closet. 8)

The bill is being flipped by a sponsor (Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers) so it's not really the team doing it, besides right now let's just be happy a sponsor is stepping up and not withdrawing support the way a lot of fans are. If anyone needs more reason to not dislike the promo, a group of lawyers is giving you something for free, that's a novelty in,itself.

They have there name in huge letters on the front of the helmet so you can def tell who's paying for it.

Any truth to the rumour the dbs will also be wearing them, since they are in no danger of hitting anybody??


They can't because they get burned too much and paper is flammable. :wink:

The only paper on my head will be the bag I hide my face with. Sponsored by the LCBO not Finlays Law Office. Though the paper helmet might be a nice touch by the 4th. Maybe I will get there early.

Hope it don't rain.

is that the same paper bag that the team can't fight their way out of? <<<<<


And take 30 minutes for an adult (sized hands) to assemble properly.

Is that for this weekends game? I better make sure I get there early then. My daughter (who is 3) had been bugging me to get a Tiger-Cat shirt for her. Yesterday I got one for her from Old Navy and she was over the moon in excitement for it. She would love to have the paper helmet. Sure it might not last a day, but she's going to love it while it lasts....

They're for kids? I guess there's a couple of disappointed kids out there somewhere then.... :oops:

I am bringing paper bags eyes and mouth cut outs that we can put over our heads in shame just in case we lose :twisted: