Paper Bag Suggestion

In light of the recent performance of the Tiger Cats at the last 2 home games, I hereby suggest that the team hand out a paper bag to each and every fan at the next home game. These bags should have eye sockets already cut out of them, to enable easy viewing. Disgruntled fans could then use these bags to hide their identities on national TV. But that’s not all. Each and every bag could also have a suggestion written on it, asking fans to fill the bag with non – perishable foods, and return it to Ivor Wynne at a future time (Labor Day?), for the benefit of a local food bank. It’s sort of a way to have fun with all the negativity surrounding the team lately, while doing something good.


I said that after the last home game.But everyone thought after our last win last weekend we were on our way to the grey cup.