Paper Bag Bowl Thread

Actually my kid was and still is a life long suffering Cats fan much like his old man . He only moved to BC in May and since he had ST when he was here in Hamilton decided to get seasons tickets for the Lions when he moved there .

He has only become a Lions fan this season after watching Roarke and the boys play winning and entertaining football unlike the Donkey-Cats who don't seem to know one end of a football from the other and only seem to know how to play for the first 30 minutes of each game before they go into full lobotomy mode after half-time .

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I'm glad to hear that he can afford season tickets out there in BC and still pay the rent. Things are really tight for younger people these days. Is he planning to have his good old gorilla dad over for a visit?


I just came back . I was out there last month for a visit and to see my Cats take on those Lions on my birthday . As for the ST he got them as a bonus from his company as part of the agreement when he moved out there .

As for paying the rent thankfully both he and his girlfriend have very nice incomes which believe me you need if you are going to live there . As the saying goes BC is short form for "Bring Cash" . :lion: :smiley:


Thanks DandP. As they say, misery loves company. It almost feels like an honour to be a part of this paper bag brigade.

And why stop at paper? How about we try out those reusable plastic ones you can get at Walmart, Dollarama or a number of grocery stores. Make it an art project for all the Cats, Alouettes, Elks, and Redblacks fans to come up with the best design. We can get EZ Football and Maaax to judge the best design.

At the end of the year, winner is awarded one of these beautiful babies.



Nice. I'm glad he's doing well.

Did you catch that CB (BC spelled backwards is short for 'Covid Bug' :grin:) from your visit? If so it's probably the worst souvenir you could've brought back. Next time you'll be happier bringing back a bottle of the local good stuff.

It sounds like BC Lions Season tickets have SOME value if companies use them as bargaining chips.

I either got the Covid from my visit to BC or from my Mom's surprise 95th B-Day party we had for her on the Saturday before I left for my trip . There was around 40 people at the party and 4 of the attendees ended up with the Rona . Thankfully my ma wasn't one of them . I didn't get any symptoms until the Friday after the game so it's hard to say where it actually came from .

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It's safe to say that at least ONE of you got caught by surprise. Too bad what they gave you didn't bring you as much joy as the Maserati Sports Car that you gave your mom.

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Untitled least you aren't down 40 at halftime......


Ottawa Sun article ....

Ottawa’s football fans — and credit to them for continuing to show up through the good, the bad and the really ugly — deserve better than what they saw in a 17-3 loss to the Calgary Stampeders. Imagine paying for tickets to go see your first Redblacks game and witnessing that stinker; you’re probably not going back anytime soon. In the Redblacks’ last 19 home games, they are 1-18. Let that sink in … one win, 18 losses. Since winning the first two games of the 2019 season, they’re 5-33. That’s five wins in 38 tries. Under head coach Paul LaPolice, the Redblacks are 4-18.

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In many ways Sask is just as bad this season
Barely .500, poor D, AND they have played the bulk of their games against east clubs

Playoff hopes (even a cross) do not bode well for them once Winnipeg, Calgary & BC kick the stuffing out of them

A bit off topic... Bobo .apart from home buying what does your son ( or you) find super expensive in Van?


ON has it so much better

Wait... don't I KNOW that guy?

The eyes look familiar. That crumpled complexion... that frown upside down. If only I wasn't so bad at remembering bags. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Actually just things like some certain grocery items, beer , liquor are a few things that I can think of but generally I found that most things were generally on par with Ontario and in some cases even cheaper .

Well, as a Redblacks fan, this certainly qualifies as a safe space for me then. Still waiting to see LaPolice's vaunted offensive "system". And waiting.....and waiting. My team has the ingredients they just need a #$%@$ cook to assemble them and turn it into something.

@disciplineandpunish, I am mystified as to why your team dumped Khari Jones who more than anyone else, except maybe Vernon Adams, injected the Al's with team spirit and camaraderie.

At least you are not in the sub-basement.

cheers mate


I don't think firing Khari was the right move... what they need to do is to get the players to quit fighting amongst themselves during games. Get rid of the bad apple players, get some discipline hammered into the players and start building for next season.

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Well, I wasn't opposed to firing Khari. Fans of the team could see that we were regressing year to year, his offense was static and predictable, and penalties were an issue. I do object to the timing of the firing. Maciocia should have either fired him in the 2021 offseason or or waited until the end of 2022, so he could hire a proper HC instead of this interim nonsense. Midseason firings rarely work in football the way they do in hockey.


Although... GM Cal Murphy's abrupt firing of the Head Coach he'd brought in from Detroit when he found out that the poor guy had dimentia, did do wonders for team moral.

Note: I don't remember who that was and the name seems to have been scrubbed from our Head Coaches list.

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Good point. Health reasons are the only justifiable basis for these midseason changes. Similarly, when anxiety and physical issues forced Don Matthews to resign late in the 2006 season, there was no choice but for Jim Popp to come in and steer the ship as best he could for the remainder of the season.

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“don't seem to know one end of a football from the other”... Actually aren’t both ends of a football the same?