Paper Bad Idea Got Some Attention lol

hey was reading up on and the article
"the astray cats" has our little paper bag idea found, it found it quiet amusing and funny.

"I propose every fan at the next home game wears a paper bag on their head," one fan wrote on the team's Web site. "We can have a theme night called 'A City in Mourning.' As long as the team is playing embarrassing football, we should be embarrassed to be seen at the games."

The Ticats have been criticized on all fronts this season, with some alleging they don't throw the ball deep enough, run enough, block well enough, or adjust quickly enough. On Friday night, all of the above held true.


so the idea for the next home game is paper bag night? whos with me.

If i went I'd be wearing one

Hey, if we all wore plastic bags it might help put us all out of our misery. :o

where can u get the paper bags I cant find any?.........I am in

way to show some support for your team..the pussy cats will lose all confidence if they havent already and lose the rest of their games....have fun being fags in soft town! :lol: :lol:

I'd rather be 6-2 than watch my team from under a brown paper bag.



This paper bag idea was my idea,if you dont like it dont wear one.

I have too much pride!!!

Hey, do we really need this guy and these types of messages on here? Mods, can’t we ban this idiot?

i think ticats fans only should be aloud to post on here.

Pegcityjets9 I've been to you stadium and city and I think you have nothing to brag about they both suck. Also you could not even keep a NHL team and even tore down your so called stadium HAHA.