Paopao's playbook?

I heard Joe wants his playbook back and was really mad that we're still using it.

Nice LMAO!!!! I thought it was as Maas's fault, he is calling all the plays isn't he???? lol


I'm sure PaoPao took the fall for a number of poor performances by Maas. If you look back, Maas wouldn't and couldn't throw the ball down the field last year either. Everyone was getting on PaoPao about his offence, but they overlooked the fact that he never had a QB to execute it.
Believe me, coach Taaffe will play the guy that can run the offence efficently. There's noway Charlie's going to let the offence falter for very long....his signature is signed on it.

Who called the play to Ralph in the Endzone, one of the worst plays I have seen, why throw the ball in the endzone and even if he hangs on there were no TiCat blockers?????????????

If the play’s not there, then don’t throw the ball there…Ralph had a defender right on him. Maas looked at his receiver all the way and telegraphing where your pass is going to, will get you in trouble every time.

I thought Paopao did a pretty good job with the offence in Ottawa with Joseph, Ranek and Armstead. They didn't have a great defence.

Hey, we don't have the original. It was published. Montreal seems to be using it this year as well.

When I saw that endzone play after the game on TSN my immediate thought was "fire the idiot that called that play.

Now after having had some time to reflect, my thoughts are now "still fire the idiot that called that play".

It is still too early to dump on this team, but if they tank against Argos, say hello to a 0 and 4 start.

Actually, I think that's an insult to Charlie, really.

What you saw in the drive with Chang is the logical extension of his playbook when you have a QB in there who is not going to automatically dismiss the long ball because of a tight window. Chang knows he has a gun for an arm and he is going to put balls in place for receivers to go get them.

The play call in the Ralph end zone debacle is NOT the issue for me. Even if Ralph was the primary receiver, Maas could still have been logical about it: YOU NEVER THROW A HITCH IN THE ENDZONE UNLESS THE DBs ARE BACKED OFF (like 10 yards off and there is any hope of turning it upfield without incident).

All Maas had to do was pick a red-haired stepson in Row 3 and nail him with the ball since Ralph was covered!

Oski Wee Wee,

Ya but with Maas those windows are even smaller because the defense doesn't even have to defend the deep pass. The safeties don't have to cover deep which makes the 20 yard area's even more congested.