Paopao's Idiocy

There are many Gades fans who are quite hard on Joe Paopao. And rightly so.... but I think that his greatest folly, is the lack of improvement in 2 weak areas. The offensive line, and the kicker. These are obvious problems for the Gades, and they have been all year. Yet he continues to do nothing about either of these problems. This is the reason why he should not be back in Ottawa next year, and should not have been offered a contract for this year.

The player's may love him, but he's a bad football person... period.

It's a reason Paopao shouldn't be GM next year. There have not been many NFL cuts in town. Paopao's hands may be tied on this. Either way, one man can't do both jobs.

Hopefully he won’t be back next year… :?

amen to that, let's all hope he gets far away from ottawa and never comes back. he's terrible.

I don't blame everything on Coach Joe for the personel he has. I blame the Gliebs for not cracking open the wallets and allowing the staff to go out and improve it's team during the play of this season...

There should be players out there from the NFL cuts.

I think this year is a combo of problems...

Joe's inability to address offence, and special teams. The D is starting to suck but that cause it's on the field too much.

We have talented players. But for some reason they is a lack of game breakers on the team.

Problems @ QB... (it's too bad that KJ is not getting the job done...)

Hate to say this but right now @ 5 wins, the Gades as a football club have not taken it to the next level.

T be honest though, this team was not supposed to do well this year.... Nor was it supposed to exist... soooo...

Buono does both GM and head coaching jobs, and we have no complaints about him here.

The Renegades do have talent, but the players don't seem to want to play for Paopao. They give up as soon as they're a couple TD's back, and they just don't seem to try anymore. I think that is the biggest problem...Ottawa has lost its heart.

I don't blame the Gliebs one bit for this coaching staff, previous ownership set it for this year, so their hands were tied. Don't forget that they took over during training camp, so i'm gonna give them a full off season to pass judgement on them

But PP must go.