Le vice-président et directeur général des Alouettes, Jim Popp a annoncé aujourd’hui l’arrivée de Joe Paopao au sein des Alouettes en tant que consultant au département des opérations football.

Montreal Alouettes VP and General Manager Jim Popp announced today that Joe Paopao has joined the Alouettes as a consultant to the team’s football department.


Apparently, if he is remaining on staff at Waterloo
he has no duties there during Montreal's Training Camp
and he must have limited duties early in the CFL season.

Its a good thing there isn't an SMS to regulate football operation staffing...

Good luck Mr.Paopao. This being said,I cannot remain silent on this quiet off-season -re:players signings-; quite weird that, since end of November 2007, we /the Als have added 9 new coaches +2 adminstrative/football staff,for a total of 11, whereas,in the same period, only 11 new players signings were announced.-excluding 3 draft choices-

On a net basis, the coaching/admintrative staff increased by 4, whereas the players by only 2. What a joke!

Please Mr.Popp, announce some players signings; there are only 5 days before rookies report.

I think it's good that we got new coaches. Cleaned house, Trestman is an offensive mastermind apparently, so it should be very intresting to see what he provide.

The players QUIT playing for Popp. I think they were upset as many fans, at the begining when he had announced he'd stay on as Head Coach at the begining of last season.

Montreal was far from being great, but I looking at the talent and roster of last season, there is NO WAY that team should of had anything shorter than a losing record.

That being said, I am satisfied with the signings MTL did this offseason. It's sad to see Romero go, but he can be replaced. Defensively, I think the unit will be our strong point again.

If anything, I think Montreal should of done more on the other side of the line of scrimmage, the Offensive Line, way before they do anything on the Defensive side.