Paopao the problem

Paopao is the real problem here not Maas!! Maas might be hurt, but when you send in a play on 2nd down with say 8 yrds to get and the play call is only 5 yrds do you think that is the right call. DUH!!! he screwed Ottawa down the toilet and lets just hope the water is not swirling here in Hamilton

While Paopao is a main problem, even he can't keep maas from over throwing and turfing throws to wide open receivers (it happened about six times last game... which is sad in and of itself that those were the only times guys were wide open and thrown to....)

Maas is THE problem period. When the QB admits to having problems with the long ball, a coach has no choice to either replace the high priced QB with the unproven back up, or to call shorter distance passes.

IMO what I see is a disheartend group of receivers. The plays that are called for the most part (in the passing department)
are short little dump passes ect. I see a lot of the guys just going through the motions running poor routes cutting them of short THEN when they get that rare chance for a deep pass they are not mentally prepared for it. I think Pao Pao is call most of the plays. Its to late in the year to dump him. BUT I would suggest letting Maas call his own plays. Maas can play the game he has proven it in Edmonton. The game plan as it currently sits doesnt fit his style and it needs to. TCMIK

Mass looks like a deer in headlights out there.
You want him calling the plays??

BTW , I don't care if they're "dishearted" . They prepare and get payed ,by me, to play 60 minutes of all out football.NOTHING LESS. Boo f'n hoo they're not ready for it.
Peterson should be hung , drawn and quartered for his efforts on that jump ball at the end of the game.

I agree that Paopao's game plan is not effective, however, the receivers have to take some of the blame. On the second down plays they have to know were the marker is and not cut the pattern off, or, when they catch the ball don't just fall down at least try to get some more yardage.

We have a receiver who has been a consistent first down maker for us and he is not on the offence very often, MM.

Along with Paopao it also appears that the GM is playing the players he brought here, but to date they have not been effective.

Time for some changes to shake things up

Joe, how about this play that worked in the 1968 GC game. Russ Jackson connected with Margene Atkins for a td:

The main problem with that play is that if the D is playing a zone or the safety jumps that one post route there is then no place to throw the ball. The other receivers are all bunched together. I find that is one of the main problems with Joe's offence to begin with, he runs a lot of plays similar to that.

You need plays where the receivers are more spread apart, plays designed to have second, third and forth options depending on how the defence is playing.

Maybe you're right Drexl. However, I am not one to criticize Russ Jackson and his play calling, particularly if it resulted in a td in a GC game, the lad knew something about football I think. Of course, having a receiver like Atkins helps also.
But for sure, everything needs to be taken into account especially what defenses are being run. My main point is lets get the ball down field a few times in the first half of the game.

If run at the right time it probably could result in t.d or big game, but it would take a lot of patience to set up with play calls earlier in the game to bait the D into the right D for it to work.