Paopao eastern media...

according to an eastern media source....Joe Paopao...will be named the new head coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers within the next two weeks....if this is true....I don't know how to read this one.....I like Joe but will he be that much of an improvement over Daley....we know they are getting the axe out in Ottawa...and that Marshal and all assistant coaches will probably go....If that happens and they end up in the Peg....I hope they would bring a couple of FA'S with them....namely Banks and Hebert....that would give the Bombers an instant up-grade....any one else hear anything. about this rumour...and if it's true what's your view.... :idea:

NO word of booting Tamans sorry a$$ out. He is about as usedful as Fred Fateri nice suits though.

nuh uh....rumor has Paopao and his oc heading to Hammer to take over the oc job there.......sounds like it could be Greg Marshall, Richie Hall, Denny Creehan or Kent Austin in news yet on Taman but he has been stretched thin in his duties by the board the last couple seasons so I think he will get a chance to redeem himself.

You might as well scratch Crehan off the list. Why would he want the job in Bomber land when he will be head ocach of the Stamps next year? With Taman finding talent you will be hard pressed to get a coach to take that job!

....THERE IS NO LOCK ON CREEHAN.....if Higgins dosen't move upstairs....and the rumor mill is saying he won't .... and.because the Stamps signed the guy, who is already in the job Higgins was supposed to take, to a new contract and got a big vote of confidence from owners.....I think there is a good possibility Creehan will be looking at new digs.... and besides which assistant coach wouldn't like to be the head man anywhere for the challenge...this guy could take the Bombers a long sorry red....don't agree with ya... :slight_smile: