Paopao Please?

Maybe with the incredibly amazing call that was the absolute worst thing ive seen (the pick in the endzone) MR.Gibson will lose his job and it just so happens Paopao who we were negociating with in the offseason is available. Could it be a blessing? Opinions, do u think we should pursue him?

NO!!!!!!!!!! why, two reaons, Ottawa and Hamilton.

Plus, it was Quinn who made the call, and he is gone.

I think this is the first time i agree with you...

feels kinda dirty...

Didn't Doug Berry take the blame for calling that pass play?

...i wouldn't want Paopao anywhere near the Bomber organization....let's just leave it at that... :thdn: :thdn: :stuck_out_tongue:

we had paopao already. some of the worst years i have had to endure as a bomber fan. actually the worst years for sure.

Wasn't Paopao with Winnipeg when that other head case was there??? Reinbold or Reinbolt?

alas he was, times we all wish to forget. however decided cal was done and it was time for that changing of the guard was sadly mistaken.

why is that?

If paopao couldnt even bring a credible running threat to the ticats with ranek and holmes imagine how much he would screw up charles roberts :o