Paopao New Offensive Coordinator at Waterloo

Ken Welch of CHtv reported tonight that former Ticat offensive coordinator Joe Paopao has accepted a position as offensive coordinator with the Waterloo Warriors for the upcoming CIS season. He will join former Ticat defensive assistant coach Dennis McPhee who is now the head coach at Waterloo.

I now feel bad for waterloo & there offence.

its not like they didn't stink before...

I sincerely wish Joe well in working with Deke McPhee at Waterloo..

Oski Wee Wee,

more of the hawaii five-o offense, dont feel sorry for waterloo, it isnt like the offer scholarships anyways. PaoPao now has the chance to coach another football program into the ground, the guy had ranek and joseph and couldnt even get a playoff spot, what is he gonna at waterloo, they basically have chopped liver and leftover scraps.

More inteligent discourse from Truwarier. Whatever. As for Deke and Joe, Waterloo is fortunate to have these two. Recruiting just got a whole lot easier for that program. Players will want to play for both these guys.

My how the mighty have fallen … wonder if Kavis Reed will end up in Windsor?

More unintelligent would be more like it.

you guys need to stop sucking up to paopao, it aint like he is knute rockne, paopao was some washed up overrated coach who was a horrible qb during his playing career and is translating his lack of physical tools to horrible coaching decisions

Do you actually LIKE hiding behind your keyboard? Paopao certainly did not perform up too expectations here, but I would LOVE to see you say that to his face...

I agree, I don't think next year will be a good measure necessarily as to how effective a recruiting bonus Deke and Joe will be. I do agree that Waterloo should be able to see the benefit 3-4-5 years from now as top end recruiting players will now consider Waterloo more seriously that they would have before.

Seriously, why are people so hard on Paopao? He's gone, let the past be the past. I don't understand why people have to be so harsh and vendictive when talking about former players or coaches that have left the organization.

Interesting, I don't know if any other Canadian college programs have someone with Paopao's background as a player who learned and played in US college and have coached at the pro level like Joe. Whether you like him or don't or think his offence schemes are crap, the guy has to know a heck of a lot about football obviously. Will be interesting how the recruiting goes there compared with more high profile programs like at Mac and Western with him as a coach.

re-I don't know if any other Canadian college programs have someone with Paopao's background as a player who learned and played in US college and have coached at the pro level like Joe. -------- They dont mean squat, This will be Good for him he will have a chance to Really LEARN the Canadian GAME!

is Joe Going alone or he his side kick comming to coach the OL

Hey! I saw a big guy wearing a hawaiin (I know the spelling is wrong,lol)shirt,looking at a house just down the crescent where I live in Waterloo.It's only about a 15 min.walk to the school from here. Do ya think..........? Nah couldn't be. :roll:

Joe's system..........does not work at the pro level.
B.C. or Ottawa or Hamilton.
But all the best to him.
Good luck Joe. :thup:

have you ever tried being a decent human being???

dude i was joking, paopao will be fine at waterloo, bringing in a pro-style offense into college should translate into an increase of offensive stats and production from previous seasons, hopefully paopao can hire kani kauahi and his son tyler paopao to help coach at U-W.

Or poor execution and a very confused QB

thankfully his system wasn’t all that complex looking…

Which is what every defensive coach was counting on.