Paopao MUST GO NOW!!!

I've had it with him. He's the one that coaches the special teams and tonight they were horrible. I think that lockett guy had more yards than the ottawa offence. They were just horrible tonight, no motivation from the start. You can all say that PP is a nice guy and all, but nice guys don't win you football games. I'm sick of seeing his smug look whenever they do a close up of him, and it's even worse on the big screen at the game. The finally realized in the 4th QTR that when Ranek touches the ball, he makes things happen, why the he!! doesn't he realize this in the 1st QTR.

The need someone new in there with fresh ideas while the playoffs are still in reach, because at this rate, it's going to be another long offseason.

Ranek is a good running back, no doubt about it. But at the end when he was getting through and scored those two TD’s, the Leos didn’t have all the #1 guys in, and you could see it in the way they played at the end…they slacked off and allowed the run to occur.

I hate to say it, but tonights loss was not Paopao’s fault…at least not entirely. The Renegades simply didn’t show up at the field, and they allowed the Leos to walk all over them.

The comments Moore made about the Lions locker room I believe is something more along the lines of what the Renegade locker room is like…at least right now.

Better luck next time. I don’t know if you guys will make the playoffs, but if you do…you will have earned it.