Paopao might be good for something...

He does know Joseph and his tendencies better than anyone, the only problem is he might not play.

They both know plenty about missing the playoffs!

Seems like Pao Pao is a easy target when the offence is struggling. To me right now, I don’t care who the OC is, we are not executing the plays. Maas is really in a funk. He has no confidence in throwing down field, for some reason. I don’t know if he’s hurting or what, but somethings bothering him. Even when players are open down field, he can’t seem to make the throws. Plays can always be changed at the line of scrimmage, also he has the option to call his own play, but he is definitly reluctant to throw it downfield. This isn’t Pao Pao’s fault.

The the offensive game plan is for dumping the ball off and short 7 yd passes. The play book stinks and should be tossed out with the OC. Until that happens the losses will continue to mount and Corey Holmes will never be used effectively, and he will sign with some other team for next season.