Paopao & Maas...

Does anyone else agree that a major source of the problems this year is that Paopao and Maas are not seeing eye to eye on the offensive system?

thats a no brainer..Paopao is the worst coach in the cfl..

Yeah. But its more than that. Both are equally inept.

To me, that isn't the problem this game, this game, it was clearly turnovers. 8 turnovers from hamilton, and that basically makes the game inevitable. I can't say i havn't seen your team in action much this season because i've been gone working at camp all summer but, this game it was definitely turnovers. It's not fair to blame one or two people, as a team hamilton lost. It wasn't just maas that turned the ball over either, there were tons of fumbles and let me tell ya, us roughie fans have been there before. But just keep fighting guys, you guys just need a spark or to start clicking, and once that happens you guys will be a good team, you certainly have the talent but face it, your o-line has 1 starter from last year, that really hurts the performance of your offence completely because maas has barely any time to throw the ball. Anyways keep fighting ticats!

lancaster is a majour problem he keeps maas in to long he should have been pulled after the 1st quarter, at least!( he's a great player that should never have been a coach)