The Montreal Alouettes announced today that Joe Paopao has joined the Alouettes as a consultant to the team’s football department.

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say it aint so joe. not the als. bummer

Joe is a good coach and a better guy who got saddled with a QB who is a career backup in Jason Maas.

Good luck to him.

They hired the wrong guy. :wink:

Old boys club...

Seems to me the Al's are doing everything they can to make sure they lose this year.

Joe bashers are clueless

No, Crash.

They ‘stepped out of the box’ and hired ‘fresh blood’
with totally stateside credentials as an Offensive guru

Joe won’t be in charge of anything.

He gets to answer questions about
how things are done in the CFL
if Coach T cares to ask him any.

IMO, there will be fresh blood everywhere.

There will be blood ! LOL!

He wasn't saddled with Jason Maas in Ottawa...didn't have raving success there either. His time here, well, fuggetaboutit...

Crash wrote-"Old boys club..." :thup: . IMHO Sacobie Belongs in the CFL before a Pao Pao.

I smell a "coach-in-waiting"!

he already is a coach.

I wish Joe well in his role with the Als. Joe is a good person and a knowledgeable resource about CFL football. I think he'll have a lot to contribute in Montreal, where their coaching ranks are thin in terms of CFL experience.

There is an ocean of oil under his feet and only Joe can get at it.

Joe was by far the worst offensive coordinator I have ever seen in the history of ti-cat football. Only Joe could possibly do something as stupid as calling a shovel pass on 2nd and goal from the 1 yard line. And he did it more than once, it was just down right embarrassing

In your opinion.

What team have you coached to any degree of success???


what does that have to do with anything?

I'm not a coach but i could design a playbook 100 times better than anything Joe can come up with, and calling a shovel pass on the 1 yard line is just beyond stupid.

says you

I don't know, Leaf Peterson was pretty mad and worked up about Joes play calling.