paopao injury

does anyone know what exactly happened to paopao? was he seriously injured after that hit in sask?


8) You got a lot of class guy, and all of it is LOW !!!!

Last I heard they were x-raying it hoping it was no more than a sprain.

He conducted practice on Tuesday walking gingerly with a cane.
Yesterday he threw away the cane and got around without it.

Hopefully, that means it was only a sprain.

you dont know how lucky you are to be saying that behind the safety of your computer.

Sadly, nothing that people say here surprizes me anymore. I hope he's ok. You can be frustrated with his as an OC, but to actively wish injury on the man (who I have heard is one of the nicest you could meet) is disgusting and childish.

Im sorry but i think we should settle something here. Im tired of people always regarding players and coaches as the "nicest of people". When debating people's skills or health, theres always someone who says "Ive heard hes a nice guy and a decent family man". Stop taking this into consideration. What we as fans gage our team on is skill, not personality. Granted, if someone has a bad personality that usually effects the team, but being nice or hearing they are doesnt make someone a nice individual. of course the players and coaches are going to be nice to you as a fan. if they werent, they would get a bad rep and be a public relations disaster. So stop with the bull and get down to it: you feel Paopao should get better. and i hope he does because even if hes a bad offensive co-ordinator, hes still doing what hes paid to do.

Hold on just a second, I agree that players and coaches should be judged on their performance based on their skill (or lack thereof) and not their personality, however when it comes to a thread like this and someone wishing physical injury on someone I'm not out of line for saying I think that person is being a jerk since the person he's wishing it on is a nice guy. This wasn't a thread about him being a bad OC, this was about his injury and anyone who wishes injury on someone is an idiot.

I agree.

i do hope the guy does get back on his feet i mean its never good seeing someone take such a hard hit, but still, judge players and coaches on there skills, not personality. its one of my pet peeves. sory borehamgirl. btw, do any of you remember last year when the Buffalo bills and Kansas city chiefs were playing? Losman threw a deep 55 yard TD strike to Evans. While cruising into the endzone at full speed with a db on hsi back, Evans nailed a security guard from behind. The result was an injury to the security that needed the players cart to remove him from the field. He reciever a standing ovation from both the crowd and the Bills bench. If only everyone had the same class as those people there that day. Wishing an injury on anyone is classless

I don’t think anything is “settled” just because you have declared it so. Even those fans who point out that someone is a nice guy would no doubt advocate that personnel are judged primarily by performance. Few would say we should keep a player and coach who makes our team worse just because they are kind to kittens.

I think many fans like to find ways to relate to the members of the team they follow. We might relate to one player because he comes from the same hometown, or another because he kisses people, or another because he plays like a man possessed, or another because he does great community work. These are all valid reasons, and all part of the “fan” experience for many.

If you look back, you’d probably find that a lot of the “he’s a nice guy” comments follow closely on the heels of personal attacks by other posters against that same player. This thread included. If you speak out against the “nice guy” comments you should also be speaking out against the attacks.

"I'm not out of line for saying I think that person is being a jerk since the person he's wishing it on is a nice guy."

In other words, if your opinion was that Paopao was not a nice guy, you would wish him ill health? Well, dear, you sure as hell aren't an angel sent from above. You have flaws. Nice guy or not, I wish Joe well.

And that's not an opinion!

Jump to conclusions much?? If you've read ANY of my posts, you'll note that I highlight my flaws ALL the time. I've never claimed to be an angel so who said I was? My mother always taught me that whatever you wish on someone else will come back on you. Pssst, did you miss the part where I said anyone who wishes injury on SOMEONE is an idiot. I don't think I said that only applies to nice people.

When addressing a female you do not know personally, I believe the politically correct terms would be honey, darlin', sweetheart, or toots. Chicks dig it when you treat them with respect.

I find this kind of threatening backlash just as offensive as the ill advised joke that playmaker88 made.

I fully agree with Borehamgirl that unfortunately nothing is surprising on this forum anymore. I guess losing is frustrating to everyone, but I'm amazed at how much infighting there has been lately among Ticat fans. To be fair though, some of the most offensive posts of all have come from other fans. (1 or 2 Winnipeg and Toronto fans if I must name names)

its an emotional response completely lacking of actual threat. A simple yet strong expression of my reaction, feelings and opinion of what he said, which was in no way any kind of joke. Not my proudest moment, but I do not withdraw, recant, or offer any apology.

Withdraw? Recant? Same thing! Nevertheless a well jellied apology.

He got hurt by a good play !

all i said was :hopefully- it was a joke, i never meant harm, but some of the replies on this thread are harsh, malicious, and just down right evil, people need to chill,i never said anything personally about paopao.

Joe Seems to Limping around Pretty Good.
Spoke to after Practice Yesterday..
they gave him Cane but He just never uses it..

He seems in good Spirits...